Kinshiki and Momoshiki! Naruto All Out – Boruto 5

Boruto 5 see’s Kinshiki and Momoshiki entering into the battleground as Naruto along with Sasuke appear at the front line to fight both of them. We also see beforehand that Naruto has to take Boruto’s headband due to him cheating in front of everyone. Naruto and Kurama are about to fight against Kinshiki and Momoshiki as they eat “Red Earth” in order to grow stronger.

Bourto 5 begins with:

  • Naruto finding out about Boruto’s cheating by using technology instead of his own chakra and abilities. He tells Lee to revise the results, Shikadai wins.
  • Everyone finds out about the use of technology, Naruto takes his headband, Naruto tells him that they’ll talk later.
  • Boruto reacts in that he blames Naruto for not being there that he has had to depend on technology for this. Out of nowhere, we see Katasuke appear as he tries to introduce the use of technology in the ninja world.
  • But as he comes to introducing it, a large man appears, Kinshiki Otsutsuki. Naruto tells Boruto to stand behind him. Kinshiki begins to destroy the stadium.
  • Everything begins to crumble as the others try to save the individuals in the stadium. Gaara even tells Shinki that he needs to try to save everyone before fighting.
  • Momoshiki appears and kicks Naruto to the wall. Boruto tries to attack but his attacks are quickly absorbed.
  • Sarada tries to help but Sasuke appears and saves her. Kinshiki follows Sasuke for what he did to his horn.
  • Momoshiki goes to attack Boruto but Naruto appears and takes him away. Shikamaru tries to help by using his shadows to stop both of them where they are, but Momoshiki just absorbs it.
  • Sasuke tells them about who they are, they are after the chakra fruit, the Tailed beast inside Naruto. The scroll they read before was of a warning of those two.
  • Further to this, they refine “Red Earth” from the chakra fruit which strengthens them and prolongs their lives.
  • These Red Earths seem very similar to what Boruto is doing in that it’s using someone else’s power. Naruto tells them that it’s just a cowardly move and that it it’s not true power at all.
  • Momoshiki creates a large beast ball, Boruto creates a clone to protect Sarada who is also there. Momoshiki throws a smaller attack which destroys the stadium but Naruto uses his Kurama Mode to help protect them.
  • Boruto and Sarada are both shocked at his power, Boruto the most. Sasuke even gives Naruto some of his chakra so he can help him, as if Naruto dies, it’s all over for them.
  • Naruto is only defending and cannot attacking without putting the others in danger. Momoshiki tries to use the large ball he’s made.
  • This prompts Naruto to tell Sasuke to look after the children, he smiles when Sasuke tells him that he shall. Naruto enables Kurama and tells him that it’s go time. It’s now Naruto’s time to go all out!

A great end to this chapter of Boruto. Seem’s like we’ll be getting a pretty dope next chapter as Boruto fights against the two Otsutsuki members, Kinshiki and Momoshiki. Can’t wait for the next Boruto 6!

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  1. dreager1

    I definitely think Naruto’s being a little nerfed here, but I do like the two new villains and the fight scenes coming up are going to be amazing!! The art also got noticeably better so that’s a big positive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sunite

      Indeed, compared to the movie, I think there are a few extra dialogue here and there, such as the Gaara bit (I think). Art also seems a lot better, I really like the new design of Naruto’s Kurama Mode.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. dreager1

        Yeah, the new scene with Gaara’s son thinking about jumping in was cool. In the film, I was wondering why more people didn’t try to help. Gaara’s right that he wouldn’t have been able to do much and probably not the other Kage either, but it’s nice to know that someone wanted to help. Kurama mode definitely looks sharp!


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