Naruto vs Sasuke! Revolution – Naruto Shippuden 475

Naruto Shippuden 475 see’s the plan in which Sasuke wants to initiate as he’d like to kill all the Kage’s, become the Hokage and start a revolution by killing all the Tailed Beasts and starting a new world with new rules. However, Naruto tries to stop him as both Sasuke and Naruto go to the Valley of the End to fight, just like before, in order to figure out who will win.

Naruto Shippuden 475 begins as many of the Kage’s begin to disappear, as chakra and all summoning from Kabuto. All the Tailed Beasts also decide to go their own way too. Eight Tails decides to go to Bee, and Kurama is told to go with Naruto. In short, Naruto is the meeting up of all of them, as such when they need to talk to one another, they can do so through Naruto.

Naruto and Sasuke were asked a question by Hagoromo, it seems that Naruto hasn’t changed his mind, he’s like to go ahead and protect everyone, he also thinks that Kaguya was a little weird in that his own mother, Kushina, was very different.

Sasuke is asked the same, but he mentions that he’d like to first go ahead and kill all of the Five Kage’s he’s like to also kill all of the tailed beasts, he sues his own Rinnegan to capture and stop them at once. Six Paths no longer has any time, thus he leaves everything to Naruto. Sasuke mentions that he’d like to destroy and rebuild everything calling it a revolution.

Sasuke calls upon the Planetary Devastation, to which is covers all of the Tailed Beasts, they are now trapped, it’s up to Naruto to save them. Naruto is there to help and stop him. Hagoromo mentions that he thinks that everything that has happened in the past will keep happening, but Naruto disagrees as it’s time to stop all of these problems.

Naruto is also told that his powers that were given to him by the Tailed Beasts will also be taken, causing his death. At this point, Kakashi tries to stop him, but falls. Even Sakura feels that she must say something, she confesses her love for him, mentioning that she’s always been in the way, to which Sasuke calls her really annoying, and thus takes her out.

Naruto is angry that he did that, Sasuke mentions that she would have only come in their way. Kakashi tells Sasuke that she has loved him for a long time now, even when he’s not there, she is hurt by the love she has for him. We go back to the past where Sasuke talks to his mother, about how his father has been now focusing on Sasuke and how he’s proud of him, he always has their attention.

Sasuke goes on, but Naruto follow due to the promise he made to Sakura. Hagoromo mentions that he entrusted one of his sons with power which caused hate, and now that he gave both his incarnations power has only made it worse. Hagoromo has seen potential in Naruto, and thus he shall be the one to bring back the love within Naruto.

Naruto and Sasuke meet at the Valley of the End to which they’re about to fight, Naruto want to become Hokage, but so does Sasuke, in order to which he can cause a revolution within the shinobi world. He shall show him the truth of how he’ll be a Hokage through his fighting. Naruto Shippuden 475 ends here.

Next week’s Naruto Shippuden 476, titled “The Final Battle” shall focus on Naruto vs Sasuke as both fight against each other, we might even get a different battle style to celebrate the manga, it’ll be awesome, and I can’t wait!

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