Gray vs Invel! Ice Devil Magic – Fairy Tail 498

Fairy Tail 498 see’s Gray vs Invel as both continue to fight one another in an effort to end the battle, it seems that Invel’s blizzard covers the whole battlefield in a layer of snow as he and Gray battle on. Brandish takes Natsu, Lucy and Happy from there as Juvia and Gray are chained up by Invel and forced to fight to the death.

Fairy Tail 498 see’s Invel vs Gray. Gray tries to use his Ice Make but it is quickly destroyed as his molding magic is trumped by Invel’s Pure Ice Magic. He doesn’t simply make toys out of ice, he uses the very essence of ice itself to freeze it all. Gray then quickly enables his Ice Devil Slayer magic which transforms his right side into black, then quickly attacks using his Ice Devil’s Zereth Long Sword.

Invel is shocked as he notices that this power of his eats away at the soul, those who hunt devils cannot retain their sanity. Invel blocks Gray’s next attack by enabling a blizzard which spans the battlefield. It’s really cold that it could freeze. Invel mentions that he has what it takes to stand next to him as a comrade, he fears that he doesn’t know that the magic he uses is slowly eating and tainting his heart in darkness.

Invel tells him all that will happen when he uses the Ice Devil Slayer magic. He is risking his own life. Gray mentions that he never tried to be a superhero in the first place. If it’s for Fairy Tail then he shall willingly taint his heart in darkness to protect them all. Natsu and others quickly unfreeze from Natsu’s flame.

Lucy is about to say something when Brandish, who is currently really big appears and grabs Natsu, Lucy and Happy leaving behind Gray and Juvia. In the surprise, Invel places a chain on both Juvia and Gray’s next, the Ice Lock. This enables him to command both of them as puppets. He forces Juvia and Gray to fight one another using the chains power.

Invel even predicts here that Zeref doesn’t seem like the one who will defeat END, in fact it seems that it shall be Gray himself. And here, once Gray has defeated and killed Juvia (which is being forced by the chain) will awaken the darkness within Gray. Gray and Juvia both seem brainwashed but it seems that Juvia still is trying to force herself not to attack Gray. Fairy Tail 498 ends here.

Seems like a shocking ending, with Gray and Juvia about to fight to the death, how will this even be stopped. Next week’s Fairy Tail 499, titled “Gray and Juvia” will focus on both of them, seems like we’ll feel the love or hate depending on how it goes between the two.

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  1. Amelius

    I really like how it appears that Natsu was quite easily able to break out of Ivel’s ice. I am concerned on what Brandish is doing; was she trying to save the three of them, does she plan on battling them, or does she plan to take them straight to Zeref so they can finish this?


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