Ashura’s Ninshu Successor! Indra’s Response – Naruto Shippuden 468

Naruto Shippuden 468 see’s Hagoromo’s decision as the successor of Ninshu is Ashura, Indra is unhappy about this due to the fact that he knows he should be it, but in fact from everyone point of view, they think Ashura is the best option. Indra even goes as far as to attack using Amaterasu as well as Susanoo in order to fight Ashura who calls upon his wind style and wood style to fight against Indra. We even see the death of Hagoromo as we return to canon material.

Naruto Shippuden 468 begins as the decision for the successor of Ninshu is chosen to be Ashura. Ashura himself doesn’t want to be it, even more Indra wanted to be it. Hagoromo asks him how he fixed the villages problem, he mentions that he did the same thing as Ashura but did it alone. Ashura’s way of doing it brought everything together and allowed them t learn what they needed to do.

The village is now in chaos as they fight for the water that is there. Indra gets up and goes away with his head down, he doesn’t agree with their decision. Indra is with his friends where they choose to support him even if he didn’t get to be the successor. It seems that after showing their support, something happens as Indra does something.

Everyone is celebrating with all the food and everything as Ashura is chosen as the person. Kanna and Taizo both are talking about Ashura and Indra and how they are both different, to which it seems like Indra is much more colder at heart who seems to scare everyone. Kanna even asks where Ashura is. He’s currently with Hagoromo as both discuss why he was chosen.

It’s mentioned that Indra’s Sharingan is strong but it also leaves him vulnerable as he’s unable to the human heart. However, Ashura is able to get and make bonds with others, which allows them to share the Ninshu. Power without bonds will bring calamity, thus he would like Ashura and Indra to work together. Hagoromo thus gives Ashura the power of the sage.

Kanna looks towards the sky where she see’s a purple light, she notices it come down as it hits the village It’s large, and everyone see’s it. Ashura and Hagoromo both go towards it as they notice that it’s Indra, it seems that he has been able to upgrade to the Mangekyou Sharingan here, this being after he killed his own friends to obtain it.

Indra also explains why he’s so much better than Ashura as he has the power to rule the world, which sounds very similar to Kaguya herself. Hagoromo tries to explain but Indra goes crazy as he begins to attack Indra attacks using his Chidori but fails as Ashura stops it and releases his own version of the Rasengan.

It attacks and gets passed through Indra’s Amaterasu, thus he’s forced to release his Susanoo which attacks forcing Ashura to use his Sage of Six Path’s powers. He doesn’t have a lot of power, thus everyone wants to give him their power as they do by sharing their power with him. It allows Indra to call forth the Ten Thousand Hands statue which in turns allows him to defeat Indra, he escapes after he loses.

Time passed, and Hagoromo got older. He even mentions that Ashura and his descendants should go on ahead to keep on sharing and do their thing to spread the love with everyone. The night before, Indra goes on to explain that with Ashura’s way, it will end in war and lots of people dying. To which he mentions that he shall be reincarnated multiple times, Ashura says he same thing. Hashirama and Madara being the ones before, now Naruto and Sasuke, they need their help and protection. Naruto Shippuden 468 ends here.

A pretty good episode if you ask me, plus it seems like Naruto Shippuden will follow filler stuff as next week’s Naruto Shippuden 469, titled “A Special Mission” will see Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura in their young days as they want to see what’s beneath Kakashi’s mask and actually see what he looks like.

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  1. dreager1

    Wait a sec, that summary sounds like a really old episode from the classic days. Has Shippuden finally done it??? Are they actually remaking an old filler episode so that we can get it twice? lol


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