Ichigo Attacks Yhwach! Aizen’s Tricks – Bleach 683

Bleach 683 see’s the continuation of Ichigo vs Yhwach as Renji along with Aizen also get involved in defeating Yhwach. Ichigo and Aizen somehow manage to devise a plan in order use Aizen’s abilities and tricks in order to trick Yhwach to let his guard down allowing Ichigo to use his Tensa Zangetsu to unleash the full force of Getsuga Tensho upon Yhwach from a close range, has this worked?

Bleach 683 begins as hell is raised within Soul Society, we see the battle between Yhwach and Ichigo continue as they try to knock each other down. Seireitei itself begins to collapse. Ichigo is tired and unable to fight with a broken sword. Yhwach tells him that he’s hanging on by a thread, it pains him to see him like this.

He asks why he didn’t let Orihime heal him, to which he provokes him by mentions that maybe she was also on the verge of death, or perhaps he thought that he wouldn’t make it in time. He had made it clear that even if he tried to chase him down, he wouldn’t be able to stop him. Renji tries to attack, even uses his Bankai, Sou Zabimaru, but it only ends up in him getting his arm sliced.

Even his Bankai will be unable to do any sort of damage to him. All Bankai’s have already been destroyed in the future. Yhwach turns around as he predicts that Aizen has come for him. He mentions that he shall crush him with his very own hands. Aizen attacks to push Yhwach back, Yhwach then mentions that he is acting as Renji’s shield, to which he is truly shocked.

Aizen uses the Hadou Goryuutenmetsu (Five Swirling Dragons of Destruction) which unleashes his attack on Yhwach, even allows Aizen the opportunity to attack, this is when Yhwach reminds Aizen that his very own sword, Kyouka Suigetsu has already been broken. Aizen notices the crack, Yhwach takes this opportunity to attack Aizen as he falls to the deepest parts of what is now Seireitei.

Yhwach had already seen this happening. We then see Ichigo, which somehow has a broken or cut arm try to attack, but Yhwach blocks it with his own hands. He’s able to crack Tensa Zangetsu even further. Yhwach begins to discuss the fact that working with Aizen and Renji in order to defeat him is the best way, but he needs to remember that nothing escapes his gaze.

Tensa Zangetsu once again breaks into multiple pieces. Yhwach tells Ichigo to rest in pieces as he now lands the final blow on Ichigo creating a hole in his body. Yhwach mentions that it has been fun and somewhat amusing, so the least he can do for him is to erase his existence along with Soul Society.

Aizen speaks as he mentions that Yhwach seems to think that he’s gazing at Ichigo. This in fact means that this Ichigo is now in fact Ichigo but Aizen as his arm has been cut off, and was able to use his own powers in order to trick Yhwach. A sword appears from Yhwach’s chest as we see that Ichigo is right behind him. Ichigo then unleashes a Getsuga Tensho in an effort to blast Yhwach and kill him. Is it successful or will Yhwach still be able to battle? Bleach 683 ends here.

A fantastic chapter if you ask me, seems like Ichigo got a fantastic good hit on Yhwach, but has Yhwach been able to predict this and see through Aizen’s abilities and tricks that he planned for this. Plus I can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s Bleach 684, when we continue on with what’ll happen next in this battle.

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  1. nickdunnaquatic

    Finally, a plan that seems to actually hurt Yhwach, but I honestly don’t believe he is defeated. Yhwach is incredibly powerful and he can take hits as well. I’m actually expecting the Royal Guard to show up any moment now. Probably when Yhwach kills Aizen.


  2. Hugo

    I knew it . If AIzen uses kyokasuigetsu , that means he still had rest of his power in his body .
    For the hado technique n°99 , Aizen is the second to use it , the first was a character named Ouko Yushima in reigai arc .
    Nothing surprising in this chapter . But it’s a little good chapter .
    I’m not interested by battles but by explications .


  3. Ultimate Coordinator

    OMG, one of the greatest manga chapters I’ve ever read, if not the best one. Kubo LOVES writing & drawing Aizen, we need from him & this battle. Round 2 next chapter once Yhwach puts himself back together Looll. Ishida coming in real soon. This BLEACH chapter animated would be AMAZING !


  4. Tosin

    I wanna see what happens next! Don’t forget, they said ever since Aizen lost contact with the Hogyoku, he was left with immortality and am about to see that.


  5. Christopher Waters

    I knew Aizen was going to be the only person that could remove Yhwachs ‘All Mighty” which is the first step in beating Yhwach getting rid of that damn future shit he does. Was not expecting Aizen to make Yhwach think he was Ichigo though. If you think Aizen is done now then you are very wrong. He is no where near done yet and I don’t expect Yhwach to kill Aizen If anything Yhwach will eat him like he did the Soul King. Still not sure if Yhwach freed Aizen by destroying the chair or if Aizen was freed in some other way. I know everyone is saying Yhwach freed him but we never really saw Yhwach attacking the chair while Aizen said “Thank You for Freeing me”: I dont think Yhwach did it on purpose. I think was just a byproduct of everything thats been going on. It’s clear Yhwach can’t see Aizens future so him freeing him on purpose does not really make any sense at all.


  6. trinin ninja

    This chapter was epic in my opinion. I really enjoyed seeing Aizen fighting Yhwach. Also once Yhwach said nothing escapes his eyes, I instantly suspected that even kyoka suigetsu did not escape Yhwach’s eyes which meant that Yhwach saw an illusion. I liked seeing Ichigo do some damage to Yhwach at the end, even though we all know Yhwach is far from down and out. Renji was a little more than a distraction which is okay with me considering he knew that he stood no chance against Yhwach. Last chapter made that clear with his speech.


  7. nickdunnaquatic

    How come Ichigo’s Bankai doesn’t have any blood on it despite him stabbing Yhwach? Does he no longer have any blood? One person is going to die in this fight. It isn’t Ichigo and I doubt it’s Yhwach. Renji probably will because he is a non factor here. But I think will die here. Yhwach is the only person that can kill Aizen and I don’t see him surviving.


  8. jiraiyan

    Finally, got to see Aizen in action. I wasn’t let down. It will be interesting to see how they explain how Aizen’s Kyoka Suigetsu effects Yhwach. Good chapter, Yhwach is clearly not defeated yet. I predict all the remaining living characters will fight Yhwach at the same time.


  9. starfly

    That is only 2 war potentials, out of the supposed 5 mentioned many chapters ago. If aizen & ichigo are this progressive together against yhwach, what more if all 5 are present. I bet yhwach will fall at the hands of 5 co-ordinated war heroes. I feel that each one would have a certain skillset that yhwach shouldn’t take lightly, or lower his guard to, & it wouldn’t necessarily overpower/overwhelm him one on one. But ultimately defeat him as a group. I don’t know about abarai but im sure uryu is probably one of the war potentials….who knows, all I see is a potential group fight in the making & a supergod villain whose more superhuman than super & human. Can’t wait for the anime’s return!!


  10. Christopher Waters

    war potentials are Kenpachi Aizen Ichigo Ichibē and Urahara. Uryu was never named as a war potentials. I still don’t see Yhwach simply killing Aizen I can’t think of a way he could do it when Central 42 was unable to try and they did try very hard to put him to death. If anything Yhwach will absorb Aizen like he did the Soul King. Even with the lvl Yhwach is on Aizens powers would make him even stronger so absorbing him would be the smart thing to do besides that I don’t see Aizen simply being killed


  11. nickdunnaquatic

    Zaraki and Kisuke aren’t going to fight. Gerard and Askin have them on the break of death. The only other people I see fighting Yhwach once Aizen dies is the Royal Guard. Uryu and Orihime will show up eventually.


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