Mavis Trapped! Spriggan 12 Groups – Fairy Tail 494

Fairy Tail 494 gathers all members of the Alvarez Army along with the Spriggan 12 members, both alive and dead, as they gather in order to keep Mavis along with the Fairy Heart in Fairy Tail HQ. Eileen begins to process to remove Fairy Heart from Mavis as she’s an expert at removing and joining objects and things together. Fairy Tail members awake as they get ready for a new fight!

Fairy Tail 494 begins as both Mavis and Zeref talk about the last time they met, which was around 100 years ago, Mavis corrects him saying it was 95. He mentions that he could still feel her voice during that time. Mavis thinks to herself that in order to defeat Zeref, she needs to use her real body in order to initiate her true plan, which will definitely prove difficult.

She see’s ice around her when she is quickly frozen by Invel. He tells Zeref that she needs to be frozen otherwise she will initiate some sort of plan, when Zeref mentions that even if she was to use the Fairy Heart, she couldn’t use it any under any circumstances, even if it was to kill him, she wouldn’t use it.

Zeref gets Invel to release her, but then places a chain on her which stops Mavis from rationalizing any decisions, this is when Mavis begins to suffer. Her own body moves on it’s own. Mavis along with Zeref move out as they both see the place in which they’re in, it seems that the city has been demolished after Universe One, as well as the multitude of army men from the Alvarez Kingdom.

Azir and Jacob are also back, they really want to fight Fairy Tail after they got their ass kicked in. Brandish and Dimaria also meet as Dimaria quickly hugs Brandish after she mentions that she will never say anything bad about her, as they should both make others pay with their lives. August looks upon Larcade, this is where Mavis notices the sheer number of crazy strong members of Spriggan 12.

Neinhart also brought back Wahl Icht and Bradman, as well as God Serena in order to protect him, they are technically dead but are back to fight. Zeref previously told Mavis that Larcade is there in order to be able to fight against Acnologia, he is someone who can defeat him.

Eileen is told that even after using Universe One, Zeref shall not punish her as it turned out to be a good move. Mavis also notices her insane power. She is asked to use her Isolation Enchantment in order to separate Fairy Heart and Mavis. Mavis is shocked that she can even do this, she is an expert at doing so.

Zeref mentions that he has assembled a perfect impenetrable battle formation, he now waits for members of Fairy Tail to attack. Members of Spriggan 12 are ready to battle. Erza and others are sleeping, she awakes and mentions that a fight awaits them, and this may be the last dawn they ever see, so they must rest and regain their strength.  Natsu and others wake and mention that they ready to take Fairy Tail back! Fairy Tail 494 ends here.

A brilliant chapter, seems like Fairy Tail is yet at another crazy place where Natsu vs Zeref will once again happen. On top of which, Mavis is also in trouble, if Fairy Heart is obtained then it’ll be trouble for everyone. Nevertheless, I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 495, titled “I’m Hungry As Hell”, I can’t wait!

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    That page of all the Spriggans looked EPIC, (It remind me of the Sternritter page,!!!!

    Also great to see that Brandish x Dimaria moment, I hope to see a lot more of them in the future.
    And smart move of Neinhart to bring back the 3 dead members, ESPECIALLY GOD SERENA, NOW WE GET TO SEE GOD SERENA 4 OTHER DRAGON SLAYING MAGIC!!!!!!!

    I have to say, I liked how Dimaria is taking these things more seriously, I hate it when Fairy Tail villains don’t things too seriously, it always comes up to a humiliating defeat. In addition, to the Spriggans who lost before, I hope we see more of their powers, because for most of them, they didn’t displayed enough, so I want to see a lot more.

    Also Larcade is Zeref “Secret Weapon”, with the potential to defeat ACNOLOGIA????? I look forward to see what his powers is.


    1. Sunite

      Oh man, that’s awesome, some resemblance is great. Although, Yhwach isn’t there. I think that moment wasn’t the best since it just made Dimaria look a little weak. I hope to see God Serena’s real power since he died very quickly.

      Since Dimaria is back to kick some ass, I don’t know who else will be able to fight her since it was Chelia who defeated her the first time.

      I don’t think Acnologia can be defeated by someone like Larcade, even if he’s the secret weapon, Acnologia is a beast who will always come up with something awesome!


      1. LPEAST

        Well I like to see the villains have a bit of humility at times, and I like to see Dimaria grow (plus, not as weak as Hiro had Brandish “defeated” the first time, because of her hay fever, that was Hiro taking the piss).

        Also, if you go on the TV Tropes, it shows she is a lot more tougher than people give her credit for.
        Because, she was actaully the first person to take on Dragon Force and not be taken back by it, (even Mard Geer got through back by it). The only reason she lost to Chelia was because she had a big power up, at the cost of her powers.

        I’ll be honest, i was hoping, given the Spriggan hype at the start, we would see a lot more, while they have impressive magic, I would like it if they won actual fights against actual Fairy Tail members. But since they all together, and I don’t mind seeing villains have a bit of redemption, so I hope to see a lot more.


        1. Sunite

          You know what, I would LOVE for Fairy Tail to lose, heck, I wouldn’t even mind if a few members died here and there. I hate the fact that FT is aimed at such a audience that none of the main characters die. The closest this came to be was when Gray got shot in the head but time went back. I totally agree with you though.


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