Fairy Tail 494 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 494 manga spoilers have hit, and it’s going to be another amazing chapter. Once again, if you don’t want to know what’ll happen, stop reading, otherwise go ahead and keep on reading.

Fairy Tail 494 begins as Zeref tells Invel to seal Mavis’ heart to keep her in control. She is brought to where the Spriggans are all gathered, all 12 show up. Mavis mentions that August’s magic is supposed to be the most powerful, being a powerful mage and all, but Larcade’s magic power is also very terrifying and abnormal too.

Zeref mentions that Larcade is Zeref’s secret weapon, he is someone who can take down Acnologia. Bradman, Wah along with God Serena all  once again show up as it seems like they’ve been brought back to life using Neinhart’s magic, he orders them to protect him as they seem to have already died.

Eileen/Irene appears, Mavis is also shocked at her power being so strong, Zeref doesn’t scold Eileen for using Universe One, but in fact praises her for allowing this to happen so quickly. Zeref asks Eileen to separate Mavis and the Fairy Heart from one another, Mavis is shocked that something such as this can even happen.

Zeref reveals that Eileen is an expert in attaching and detaching things with each other, she is strong and thus has this ability too. Eileen replies by telling him that it’ll take some time, to which Zeref will have to wait a little. Zeref tells her that it’s fine as the next move is in Fairy Tail as it’s their time to act.

Zeref and others currently have the perfect formation as they surround Fairy Tail HQ, they’re just waiting for members of Fairy Tail to arrive who they will try to take on. Erza wakes up, she tells the others who are with her to rest as their next dawn might be their last. Natsu gets fired up as he mentions that he’ll definitely win and take back Fairy Tail HQ!

Seem’s like we’ll be getting another intense chapter, Mavis is facing some troublesome times ahead, on top of which Zeref is ready for Fairy Tail’s attack too. Images credit to YonkouProductions. Can’t wait for the actual chapter to get released, nevertheless Fairy Tail 495, will be called “I’m Starving”, which I believe will be another great chapter.

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    OK, that Spriggan group page looked EPIC!!!!!!
    Also, I like how the last Spriggan to appear, Larcade has more of a role than expected.
    And God Serena is BACk (Sort of), I’m happy because we can see the other Dragon Slayer magic he has.

    But the page I liked the most was Brandish x Dimaria moment, I knew Dimaria liked her more than she let on.

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    1. Sunite

      I think as Zeref will mention with Larcade, that he’s there to defeat Acnologia is probably why his second name is Dragneel. And why he’s referred to White as Acnologia is Dark. Indeed, we didn’t get to see much of God Serena. In the Brandish and Dimaria page, Dimaria is actually saying that she is sorry for everything that she has said to Brandish because of her experience being a prison etc.


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