Fairy Tail 487 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Seem’s like Fairy Tail seems to have spoilers and previews come out every week, this post will cover the manga preview for chapter Fairy Tail 487, which is obviously an spoiler, so if you’d like to know what happens keep reading, otherwise stop right here.

Fairy Tail 487 begins with August asking Brandish and others what she is doing with them. She mentions that she has come to negotiate. August asks if Jacob has been killed, Brandish mentions that he is not dead, just defeated and prisoner of war. Brandish asks what has happened to God Serena, to which they were together, but no longer.

Lucy and Natsu are shocked that August power level is so much higher than Brandish. August asks what the meaning of this negotiation is. Brandish asks for him to withdraw. August mentions that from her appearance, she doesn’t seem to have been tortured or anything, it’s as though she has betrayed them.

Brandish mentions that it’s not that she has betrayed them, she is still a human of Alvarez, she doesn’t feel there being a point to this war, while August mentions that this just means that she has betrayed their Leader. they have devoted their lives to Zeref, while Brandish mentions that she no longer understand the meaning of Zeref’s fight. August mentions that the reason is because they are the enemy.

North of Fiore we see Gajeel and others fighting, we even see Bradman who mentions that firstly, magic power is absorbed by the magic particles, then secondly the door to the land of death opens. Thirdly, the God of Death decides based on life or death on the person in front them it. Once the third seal opens, the person cannot return.

Gajeel mentions that no matter what he tries, his power isn’t great at all, the other twelve has much more power. Bradman also begins to open up his own power as he changes form over this period of time. Seems like the chapter ends here. Fairy Tail 488 will be titled either “Always Together” or “Eternal Couple” which could potentially hint at a chapter with Gajeel and Levy.

Credit to the Fairy Tail subreddit post.

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