Heroic Legend of Arslan Anime’s 2nd Season Premieres July 3 with 8 Episodes

If you were a fan of Heroic Legend of Arslan first season, then the Kodansha’s Shonen Magazine revealed on Monday that The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance will premier in Japanese TV channels such as MBS and TBS on the 3rd of July and will premier to have 8 episodes.

Arslan Senki Fujin Ranbu Season 2

The new season will air on Sunday’s at 5 on MBS and TBS, which is currently the Nichigo show. With how the first season went of the anime, I really can’t wait to see how it goes. It seems like it’ll be a short anime but I’m hoping that it’ll end with a big bang.

With that said, what do you guys think about this? Go ahead and comment down below if you can’t wait for it.

Source: ANN

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  1. josephbhwanah

    I’ll have a go when im done with “Attack on Titans”(havent started watching either thou i have already finished downloading) at mean tym i think im going to just download it in advance as well, i have a feeling im going to like this one & im already hyped to have a go at it

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  2. Rocco B

    With only 8 episodes?. Hmm..seems very interesting that. I assume that they’ve pretty much covered all of the 6 OVA then resume where the novel / manga continues on with other episodes.

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    1. Sunite

      I don’t think I’ve watched the OVA’s yet, but with 8 episodes, My thoughts on the 8 eps only would be that they might be able to finish it with only 8, as in Arslan ruling the kingdom or dying or something, or w/e happens to him. I’m sure they could satisfy everyone.

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      1. Rocco B

        They’re pretty old. Were done in the 90′. The character designs were done by then FF character designer. 4 of them are dubbed whilst the last 2 are subbed and there is a time gap discrepancy.

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