Brandish Helps! Eileen Approaches – Fairy Tail 484

Fairy Tail 484 see’s everyone getting the harbour back, all while Kagura kisses Erza. After this point we see that Eileen quickly approaches Gajeel and others as she covers the battlefield with ice. It seems like she will meet them soon enough, all while Brandish begins to use her contacts with August to potentially stop August’s from attacking.

Fairy Tail 484 begins with Erza waking up, she is largely injured, everyone tells her that they retook the town and its port. We see after a bit of chatter that Kagura remembers breathing life into Jellal to bring him back. She says that she is sorry about this, she holds Erza’s face and kisses her. Everyone is shocked.

We also see Lyon talk to Chelia who has now lost her powers. We see Lyon mentions that she has gained something a lot more powerful. We see Dimaria become one of the prisoners as war, she cries. We see Brandish work alongside Fairy Tail and others, she mentions that she is working as a favour for Lucy, she accepts her help.

Brandish’s idea is to ask August to potentially lay off destroying Fairy Tail as she knows him ever since she was small. Although, she is unable to talk to Eileen because she doesn’t know her. We move to Eileen where she along with her two underlings, Hynhe Lunacy and Juliet Sun, are with her.

As she moves on, she lays a ton of snow which covers the whole surrounding area. We see that Gajeel and others are helping out Sting and Rogue out in order to defeat the enemies. Gajeel mentions that they can not rest easy as snow begins to fall on them. They are ready to fight, all while Eileen asks Bradman and Rahkeid to go ahead to fight against them, all while Gajeel and others get fired up to fight them. Fairy Tail 484 ends here.

A pretty good episode, some more development, if both Eileen and August can be talked into stepping down and Eileen somehow defeated then it should be a good story. Nevertheless, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 485, titled “Five Days’ Worth of Food”, should be good.

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