Kaguya Otsutsuki! Madara’s Betrayed – Naruto Shippuden 458

Naruto Shippuden 458 ends Itachi’s arc and goes deep within the main canon work as we return to Naruto and Sasuke vs Madara. In his effort to use the Infinite Tsukuyomi, we see Black Zetsu pierce Madara’s heart and begins to command that everyone’s chakra be sent to Madara. He grows large but begins to transform as the summoning of Kaguya Otsutsuki has been done, she wakes up from her sleep.

Naruto Shippuden 458 begins as Itachi and Kisame go to the Leaf in an effort to get Naruto. But they meet with Sasuke, he tells Itachi that he shall defeat him. From this, we see the repeat of them Jiraiya saved both of them, thus Itachi and Kisame had to escape for the time being. Before this, Itachi puts Sasuke in a loop so he keeps remembering his parent’s death over and over again for the next 24 hours.

We go to the future when Itachi met Naruto, he tested him to see how he would act in different situations, even if Naruto had to kill Naruto. Naruto mentions that no matter what, it’s his Ninja way. We go to the moment when Itachi was killed by Sasuke the first time, then move on to the moment when Itachi was an Edo Tensei, both time saying that he loved him.

We return, the Infinite Tsukuyomi finishes as there are only a few left. Sasuke dispels his Susanoo and mentions that they need to use his Rinnegan to dispel all of it. Madara returns to the battlefield to fight them. He mentions that Hashirama’s way of a ninja was wrong, it all ended in people getting killed in battles that weren’t supposed to happen.

The divine tree provides them with a way of dreaming their own lives and living as they are. However, out of nowhere, we see Black Zetsu pierce through Madara’s body, he’s unable to move and thus takes this advantage to disable Madara. Zetsu mentions that his will is of Kaguya and that he has been alive for a long time.

It’s mentioned that Madara was after Kaguya’s power. The shells within the Infinite Tsukuyomi with all the bodies begin to absorb all the chakra, this in turn means that all the chakra will go into Madara’s body. Madara begins to grow bigger and bigger. Naruto and Sasuke try to attack but it fail as they’re captured by the hair.

Their power will be absorbed, but for now Madara is absorbing the chakra from everyone. Zetsu mentions that eventually the shells will turn into white Zetsu’s as they’ll turn into soldiers they can use. This is the true nature of Infinite Tsukuyomi, to absorb chakra from people. Madara mentions that the tablet left by the Sage mentions that it’s used for peace, but Zetsu mentions that he’d made some changes to it.

He has been aliv for eons, and thus the time has allowed him to use the time. Madara grows even larger as his body is completely covered by the blackness. The body begins to shrink as a woman begins to grown, she has horns and long white hair, she also has the moon’s eye in the middle of her forehead. We finally meet Kaguya, she opens her eyes here. Naruto Shippuden 458 ends here.

Finally! It’s that time, when we finally get back to the real story, where we see the real devil and powerhouse of this great story. Can’t wait to see everyone fight along with the remaining Edo Tensei’s as well as Naruto, Sasuke and others in Naruto Shippuden 459, titled “She of the Beginning,” can’t wait!

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  1. Lelethu

    I also can’t wait to see the next episode, in fact the whole battle. It’ll probably look even cooler when animated than in the manga :P…I’ve got this feeling that things are about to be epic 😀


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