Bleach 666 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Bleach 666 got released a little early, and fans have already got their hands on the chapter, they’ve roughly translated the chapter and summarised it quite nicely. If you don’t want to be spoilt, stop reading here.

Bleach 666 covers quite a bit, the chapter is called “Empty, Puppet, Hollowness”, the chapters covers some major plot points. The first is that Askin begins the process of death in this chapter, but he also begins to drag Urahara with him at the same time, he uses his “Gift Ball Deluxe” to do this towards Urahara, as he gets closer to death, this Gift Ball gets stronger.

Nelliel makes an appearance, but not sure when or how. Potentially when she comes to Grimmjow. Another thing that occurs is Hitsugaya and Byakuya talk. With Hitsugaya’s ice being so weak against Gerard, Byakuya offers his hand to help against him. Hitsugaya mentions that even with two people fighting against him, his huge size makes it unfair for both of them.

Byakuya gives Hitsugaya a look which prompts that he’s probably thinking that with Hitsugaya’ height, any fight is unfair for him because they’re usually so tall compared to him. Byakuya says sorry for thinking it, but Hitsugaya just gets even more pissed off.

Gerard tries to attack both Hitsugaya and Byakuya, however something amazing happens. Gerard’s attacking hand gets chopped off, the only person capable of doing so has appeared, Kenpachi Zaraki! Byakuya and Hitsugaya agree that another nuisance has shown up in their battle. Bleach 666 seems to end here.

A brilliant chapter in my opinion, and seeing Zaraki out and about especially against Gerard, is definitely epic. I bet this fight will somehow link to Yuchiro which still seems to be out of action. Nevertheless, what do you think of this spoiler post.

Translation was provided from the folks in the Bleach subreddit and BleachAsylum.

What do you think?

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