Birth of Fairy Tail! Goodbye Zera – Fairy Tail 275

Fairy Tail 275 ends the current arc with Mavis as we learn that Mavis has to let go of Zera due to her being illusion, when this happens, Yuri and others also hear Zera’s voice telling them to take care of Mavis in her new adventure. We also see Mavis give birth to the Fairy Tail guild with the first three other members.

Fairy Tail 275 begins as Zera and Mavis talk about everything, it’s revealed to her that Zera died a really long time ago, and that she is part of her own subconscious. This is somewhat forced into her as we see Zera begin to disappear, at this point we see that Yuri as well as Precht and Warrod can all see and hear her.

After this point, Zera has gone when Mavis tries to deal with her, there is nothing in her life for her to concentrate on. Thus she comes up with the idea to build a Guild, she calls it Fairy Tail, she gives it a brief message that it’s supposed to be a guild full of love and supposed to be a family orientated.

They inform everyone in the village asking what the guild should be off, and thus they take suggestions and build their own guild hall, this eventually marks their spot into Magnolia as they make the city great full of vibrant people and culture. Fairy Tail 275 ends with a few more tid bits to how everything turned out till now.

A pretty good episode, although there was a lot more left out from the story itself which explains Mavis and her future in a lot more detail. Seems like that has gone amiss. Nevertheless, can’t wait to return back into the current arc where it’s a year later, Fairy tail 276, titled “Challenger” should be awesome.

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  1. rise

    I didn’t expect fairy tail to go back that fast to the original story line, I was expecting some more fillers, but anyhow, I’m looking forward to next week episodes along with a new opening


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