Mavis vs Blue Skull! Battle Lost – Fairy Tail 271

Fairy Tail 271 covers the quick arrival and departure of Mavis and others from Magnolia as they quickly try to find the Tenrou Jade but are faced by the Blue Skull master who already knows of Mavis’ illusion magic, and thus tells them to attack them. Yuri and Precht both get hurt but Warrod is able to get them out of there.

Fairy Tail 271 begins as Mavis and others get to the town of Magnolia. They see that most of it is torn up and not as good as they first thought. They go through the side jungles to get information, but see that there is a nice spot where they could potentially make houses and such, they think of the future.

They notice a lady in running with other mages from Blue Skull chasing them. However, a large birds appear and follows them chasing them away. It seems that Mavis was using the bird to scare them away. The lady takes them to their town shop and mention that the town used to be amazing, but when Blue Skull arrived they ruined everything.

Now it’s nothing but a run down village, they even killed her husband. The little girl wants to make all kinds of bread types, when Mavis and others leave, the little girl gives her a piece of bread. They go on, they see an old man who is talking about Magnolia and how it’s gone to hell, he gets shot down by the members of the guild.

He dies when Precht, Warrod and Yuri all get ready to attack these three, they get pissed off and beat them up. However, moments later a large crowd appears as the members of Blue Skull arrive. Mavis creates an illusionary army when they think they cannot go up against them. The master of Blue Skull appears and mentions that it’s just an illusion.

They go on ahead to attack Warrod and others, however it seems that Yuri and Precht get themselves hurt from the magic bullets. However, Warrod uses his strength to carry both Yuri and Precht back, they escape to the jungle side, they have lost this battle. Fairy Tail 271 ends here.

A pretty decent episode, some more development onto who Blue Skull is carried but, on top of which we see that Mavis and her current potential is very low. We’ll see who she meets in next week’s Fairy Tail 272, titled “The One Who Teaches Magic”, when Zeref appears.

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