Fairy Tail 473 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 473 manga spoilers have appeared online, they seem to be quite shocking, and a lot of what made Fairy Tail a little sad to watch, especially for Kagura and Erza has come back to haunt them. Read on with your own discretion, contains spoilers.

Fairy Tail 473 is titled “Crimson thunder”.

It begins as Erza and Kagura both move towards the port, they reach it when they are confronted by the third member known as Neinhart. Erza and Kagura are brought to tear after learning his true identity. It turns out that Neinhart is none other than Kagura’s older brother, Simon, who should currently be dead. – This part of the spoiler is potentially fan made, not fully sure until we get the full release.

Elsewhere, Wahl in his assault form who unleashes an onslaught of attacks on Laxus, who was down for the count due to the poison within his body.Freed appears and uses his barrier magic to protect Laxus while he’s in this state. Wahl prepared to cancel the barrier, and does to prepare to fire against Laxus.

The poison within Laxus seems to have somehow been reduced whereby he is no longer affected by it, it thus allows a chance for Laxus to fight back, he uses a magic called “Crimson Thunder” which allows Laxus to destroy and thus ‘grinds” Wahl.

The ending statement features: “From father to child, and from child to child and so on… It is a miracle of power!” Fairy Tail 473 ends here, Fairy Tail 474 is titled “In Time of Silence”.

So what do you guys think? Comment below telling us what shocked you the most! These spoilers were provided by the folks at mangahelpers, some bits and bobs might be out of context or wrong.

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