Watch Steins;Gate (Anime)

Steins;Gate focuses on mad scientist Rintarou Okabe who rents out a room in Akihabara, he begins by inventing gadgets with his fellow lab members, until the stumbles upon what he names the “Phone Microwave” which has the ability to send emails to the past and thus altering the flow of history itself, and Rintarou is the only one who can remember.

Steins Gate

The adventure begins when he goes to the past for the first time, although he doesn’t notice much, it all begins to pile up until something he cannot handle. Steins;Gate itself first aired in 2011, which makes it an old anime, however, the basis that it’s a very popular in its story and characters is unbelievably well done.

Steins;Gate is popular for a reason, I began watching it a while ago and have yet to finish it. I’m nearly done with the series, I hear a lot of great things of this series. If you’ve been meaning to watch it, I think it’s available on Netflix or just click the link below:

Watch Steins;Gate (ENG sub/dub)

Nevertheless, if you’ve already watched it, without spoiling a lot of it, lets talk in the comment section below.

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    1. Sunite

      Haha honest to God, its on my list to finish. I’ve watched like half way through, and the timelines are really complex if you don’t concentrate on what’s happening. I’ve heard some really good things about it, I just need to finish it whenever I get time, which I have lots of at the moment.


  1. railgunfan75

    This series was just amazing. The plot really picks up in the second half but the first half allows us to get to know the characters before the plot gets going. Great premise, great story and very memorable characters. And the English dub is among the all time great dubs in my opinion. A great example of anime at it’s finest. Just got a copy of the visual novel and am looking forward to checking it out.


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