Acnologia Kills God Serena! Wizard Saints Fight – Fairy Tail 470

Fairy Tail 470 see’s the appearance of Acnologia after he smells a Dragon, this being God Serena who is somehow slashed as he bleeds to death after Acnologia eliminates him. Warrod and others try to fight back, but they can see their deaths coming soon.

Fairy Tail 470 see’s all of the members down for the count, Warrod mentions that he cannot let God Serena destroy everything, and thus attacks back. He uses his three abilities to trap him within the trees, then allows Wolfheim to transform and attack, which he does. Jura then uses his abilities, on top of which Hyberion then uses his attack called Vampire magic which does something.

Hyberion mentions that it seems that his hubris will be his undoing. Jacob goes to attack when August stops him. He mentions that there is no need for concern as the real magic behind God Serena will be released. This causes God Serena’s eyes to go black as he powers up, he uses the Cavernous Dragon’s Collapsing Earth which shocks everyone.

They think that it’s Earth Elemental Dragon-Slaying magic, but then he uses Purgatory Dragon’s Hell flame which does more damage. On top of which, he releases his Neptune Dragon’s Battle Array. It seems that God Serena is able to use multiple types of magic which they don’t understand.

God Serena stops him as it seems that God Serena has already taken out most of them. It seems that God Serena has eight different dragon lacrima within his body. August calls it the Hybrid Theory, the man loved by the Dragon Gods. God Serena mentions that Dragons worship no god, and bow to no King. He goes on to talk about how he is the strongest and how none shall compare.

The three walk off when Warrod is on the floor thinking of how they need to do something or else Fairy Tail will disappear. A large roar appears, an intense amount of magic is felt by everyone. On top of which a figure appears. Acnologia appears as he mentions that he smells dragons. God Serena is surprised but happy to see him.

God Serena begins to talk when Acnologia quickly and swiftly engages and crabs a chunk out of God Serena’s body. Everyone is shocked as with just one attack he could do such a thing. He mentions that only seven more remain until he achieves the complete and utter annihilation of the dragons. Fairy Tail 470 ends here.

A brilliant chapter, seems like Acnologia showing up could mean more here, it could also see the come back of the Saints against August and Jacob, but that is something hard to mention. Nevertheless, it seems that Acnologia is hunting down Dragon Slayers. Can’t wait for next week’s 26 colour page with info on the new movie too, Fairy Tail 471, titled “Until The Battle Ends…”, can’t wait for it!

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    I doubt God Serena is dead for 3 reasons:
    1) We don’t know how he got that scar.
    2) We still don’t know why he betrayed Ishgar
    3) He only showed 4 of his 8 dragon slaying magic.

    Plus I was crossing my fingers that God Serena wasn’t gonna get one-shot….
    BY FAIRY TAIL MEMBERS… but Acnologia is another thing, I ALWAYS LIKE

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    1. Sunite

      That’s definitely interesting. But as a large chunk of God Serena has disappeared, and him on a pool of blood like that. I think his death is close. I don’t really know if August can use his vast magic to heal him, but if he could then its possible for his come back.


  2. paulz7

    Now you know how strong Gildarts is. Plus all the hype around God Serena being Yuri might just be false. And yup this chapter is one of the turning points of this arc. FT is keeping me on my toes….hope the ending isn’t dissapointing.


  3. Robert

    I do believe that The King of Magic, August, will be able to heal God Serena. As far as I’m concerned, August is the one who “wields every known spell with ease, and is lauded as the supreme king of all magic, both past and present”, which means he has mastered more sorts of magics than everyone else, even more than Zeref himself, according to Makarov. Both Wendy and Chelia wield healing magic, so why is it that August wouldn’t be able to perform healing spells as well? After Zeref (and Acnologia, if we consider him/it also as an wizard), August is the strongest wizard of all the magic world of Earthland.


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