Mavis’ Adventure Begins! Tenrou Jade – Fairy Tail 267

Fairy Tail 267 see’s the potential of Mavis even as she is as she battles against Yuri in a chance to find the location of the Tenrou Jade. Upon Mavis outsmarting Yuri, both Warrod and Pretch walk in and mention that the Tenrou Jade is missing, thus Mavis mentions that she wants to go and find it.

Fairy Tail 267 begins with Mavis in the forest as she talks about the kindness of the forest. Mavis and Zera talk about what they need to do, Zera talks about how she was always on her feet even when she was working for her. They go to the library to fix things up. Yuri, Pretch and Warrod all split up to look for the Jade.

Mavis is working when she keeps getting distracted, she begins reading every time she finds something new. Mavis and Zera hear someone coming in when Yuri comes in and see’s Mavis. They talk a little when Mavis knows that Yuri is lying. On top of which he reveals his true intentions. Mavis is asked where the Tenrou Jade is, when she says that she knows the location, he mentions that he’s willing to show her the fairies.

She gets into a game with here whereby they cannot lie, and thus must mention something that the other person likes but are not themselves.  Mavis gets into it when he reveals his Judgement field magic which prevents people from lying inside it. Mavis mentions that she had already begun the game as she already won the first game.

The second and proper game begins when he mentions that she is a bird, but doesn’t get to answer the question fully and thus Yuri is angry as he adds another rules to the game. She agrees to it and goes on to the proper game. She mentions that he has blinked 57 times, to which he doesn’t know if it’s a lie or the truth. He thinks that it applies to both, but in fact she has not blinked once this game.

It seems like she’s won but Pretch and Warrod, they mention that they have found the location, but the Jade itself is missing. Mavis mentions that she’d like to find it, as it belongs to them. They cannot guarantee to find it because of how they might also want it. Mavis is packing when Zera also joins the journey after meeting Yuri. Fairy Tail 267 ends here.

A pretty awesome episode, it seems that Mavis’ journey is only starting. As she goes to find the Tenrou Jade, I’m sure she’ll meet a number of great people in her journey. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 268, titled “Treasure Hunt”.

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