Fairy Tail 469 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fans of Fairy Tail, seems like Fairy Tail 469 has popped into our radars, a brief translation has appeared online, although there are no images available this time. If you’d like to find out the spoilers keep reading, otherwise stop here.

So, Natsu suddenly collapsed in front of everyone last time. This was largely due to the him using way too much magic over the past years which left him with what we know as a “anti-ethernano tumour”. It most likely began growing as he fought stronger and stronger opponents.

There are no doctors available in Ishgar that can save Natsu from this, however Brandish aids here as she uses her own magic to shrink the tumour’s size into a much smaller size. It just means that Natsu’s tumour will grow larger and affect him another time.

Natsu is safe for now, but it is still very likely that the tumour itself will come back. Brandish returns to Lucy while Lucy herself mentions that she promises Aquarius that even though she doesn’t know where the key will re-appear, she will keep looking for it, this is before Aquarius returns to the celestial spirit.

Meanwhile in Hargeon town, Kagura’s top has been blown away, she is half naked when she retreats from her fight with Dimaria. It seems that they can’t handle their forces and thus are somewhat forced to retreat.

The Wizard Saints have also been defeated by God Serena and others. God Serena mentions that they will eliminate all life in Fiore. The chapter ends with a statement saying: From the beginning, the man known to Mavis and Zeref: Warrod. Does tomorrow suggest his demise?

It seems the end of Warrod will come soon, and it’s going to be quite depresing. On top of which, it seems like this chapter will be quite the heavy hitter. Can’t wait for it. Thanks to SirSamuel016 for his translation on MangaHelpers.

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