Acnologia Kills Igneel! Zeref’s END – Fairy Tail 264

Fairy Tail 264 see’s the death of Igneel after Acnologia rips his body into bits and shoots him down from the sky’s. All while Igneel tries to explain all he can before his demise. On top of which, Zeref appears as he discusses with both Gray and Natsu, all while destroying Mard Geer’s demon book and retrieving END.

Fairy Tail 264 begins as dragon’s go on ahead to destroy all the remaining Face weapons, destroying them one by one. After some time, Face itself is turned off due to the fact that dragons have destroyed all of them. Everyone is happy because of this, magic returns to the lands.

Mard Geer see’s defeat. Gray looks upon the book of END. Igneel tells everyone that what they were experiencing was what was done. There are two reasons for why they had to do what they did. The first was to stop the Dragon Slayers from turning into dragon’s, just like Acnologia.

As he goes to say the second, Acnologia gets up and launches up in the sky as both begin to fight. All while Gray and Natsu have their quarrel about the what they should do about END. Acnologia also begins to talk to Igneel about how they prevented them from turning into these dragons.

However, as Gray talks to Natsu, the book transports from his hand to Zeref who appears. He begins to talk to Mard telling me that he did a good job, then returns him into his book and burns and destroys it. Zeref mentions that he no longer has any need of Mard.

Then mentions that he came there to settle things once and for all between them. But Acnologia got in the way, will he destroy history again or will be a miracle happen he asks. Zeref mentions that if he can survive these hopeless circumstances, then he will give him even more despair.

He walks away as he disappears. We see Acnologia and Igneel keep on fighting, however Igneel receives an even more destructive attack. He begins to tell him the second thing, which was that to defeat and get rid of Acnologia. Natsu runs towards Igneel but he cannot make it in time.

As both Igneel and Acnologia hit each other. Acnologia’s hand is cut by the hands of Igneel, but Igneel’s body is heavily damaged and clearly destroyed. Natsu looks upon this damage as Igneel falls down to the sky as Acnologia climbs up. We see memories from both of them when they were younger. However, Acnologia blows Igneel up into nothing. Fairy tail 264 ends here.

A tragic and shocked episode as we see the end of Igneel just as he was getting introduced into this arc. Face has been stopped and it seems that this arc is quickly coming to a close. However, there is a lot more left within this series. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 265, titled “That’s the Power to Live!” as we see what will eventually happen to Fairy Tail.

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