Dragneel Brothers! Etherious Natsu Dragneel – Fairy Tail 465

Fairy Tail 465 reveals to Natsu that he and Zeref are brothers, and that he is in fact from 400 years ago along with Wendy, Gajeel, Rogue and Sting. All while Natsu also learns that he is END and that by destroying Zeref, he shall also disappearing being one of his cursed books. This is the only chance Natsu has to kill Zeref, but Happy stops him.

Fairy Tail 465 begins as Natsu deals his blow against Zeref. Natsu collapses after using such a strong attack, however he still has one more attack in him left. All while we see Zeref largely unhurt but seems to have been bruised quite a bit. Natsu asks Igneel for one more attack, one final attack against him.

Zeref mentions that he seems to have marvelous strength, he recites what he had said a lot time ago about how he might just be able to stop him, he’s always had that belief. However, he seems to be a bit late, instead of destroying him, he’s destroyed the surrounding area.

That is until now, with his final attack, he can defeat him using his power. And that is why he must reveal something to Natsu which he will find important. He reveals his name to be Zeref Dragneel. He is his older brother! Natsu is shocked, Zeref continues that around 400 years ago their parents were killed by a dragon’s flame, his brother was also killed.

However, using his own research, he was able to restore his life by the use of Etherious magic he developed. This is what he is, he is Etherious Natsu Dragneel, END! Happy tells Natsu to not get caught up in the lies, while Natsu says that he won’t believe him no matter what, he’s there to do one thing and one thing only.

Natsu talks about Igneel and how he was unable to defeat END, that is because he loved END too much, he loved Natsu too much. They talk about Tartaros and how it created the guild, but Mard Geer was never supposed to come across it. END book is brought out when he throws it on the ground, Zeref shoots a hole in the book which affects Natsu proving that he is END.

He was never a good listener, he sought advice from Igneel, a close friend of his, in those days, Igneel was a rare breed who wanted to work with humans. Igneel offered to teach Dragon Slayer Magic, along with other dragons. They thought of a plan where they would get these kids, and put themselves in them and travel to the future.

All for the purpose of defeating Acnologia. The dragon’s power was gradually weakening, the issue lie in the fact that the Ethernano was not dense enough for them to recover, if they did not travel to an era with an abundance of Ethernano, the Dragon Soul Seal could not be undone.

There were five kids, Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting and Rogue. These kids were all orphans, except for Natsu, but Zeref allowed it. They had used the gate of Eclipse to leap forward in time, a Celestial Spirit known as Anna opened the door. They did not decide on when they’d arrive, but Anna’s clan, in accordance with the Dragons’ plan, selected an era in which Ethernano concentration was particularly high and opened an exit there.

This was done by Layla, Lucy’s mother, who opened the Eclipse Door, on July the 7th of the year x777. The day in which him and his dragon disappeared. They thought that they disappeared, but in reality, they were within them, in the future. Therefore, Natsu is a child who was born over 400 years ago, along with the others.

Zeref waited for a very long time, he witnessed many eras come and go. His empathy of the true weight of human life and death began to erode. He met Mavis and then were parted again. Natsu shuts him up telling him that he won’t believe him, he goes to punch him, when Zeref mentions that he is a demon of the book of Zeref, if Zeref dies, so does Natsu.

Out of nowhere, Happy arrives and stops Natsu from attacking by holding him back, even if Natsu wants to do this. Happy tells him that he won’t let him do this. Happy cry’s as he mentions that he doesn’t want to lose him, as Igneel’s power disappears, Happy mentions that he is his best friend, asking if he’s not the same to him.

Happy cry’s as he doesn’t want him to do anything more, he mentions that he will take him no matter what. Natsu somewhat agrees. All while Zeref mentions that he will no longer be able to stop him, he say’s he goodbyes to Natsu. Fairy Tail 465 ends here.

A very intense and amazing chapter, it seems that Natsu is shocked that he and Zeref are related but what will happen after he tells everyone else. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 466, titled “Assassin” when we see what happens. Can’t wait to see what’ll Natsu will have to do in order to stop Zeref, he’ll have to go ham.

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  1. rise

    I have a few things to say: (sorry for long read)

    -This chapter means that they were taught dragon slaying magic in the past

    -I’m guessing that Anna is an ancestor or Layla/Lucy and for Layla to be able to know what to do, my theory is that Anna left a note for Layla for instructions. Also, Layla died during the year 777 so this explains it

    -Also, about all the dragon slayers were brought 400 years to the future,
    -What I don’t get is that Natsu, gajeel, and wendy are biologically older than sting and rogue, but chronologically, around the same age as natsu and gajeel right now
    -However, before or during the tenrou island arc 7 year time skip, and by following the time order, Sting and Rogue were still little kids during the tenrou island arc, and when seven years passed by, sting and rogue grew up to be around natsu and gajeel age for the grand magic games
    -So by following the time order, that means sting and rogue shouldn’t even be alive during the time natsu, gajeel, and wendy went to the future, but from this chapter, it sounded if all the dragon slayers were taken to the future around the same time, but that can’t be true because of what I just said about the age
    -Eclipse gate was still around during this time however up till the grand magic games, so it’s possible sting and rogue came later through the gate, but the thing is that the kingdom had the gate by then, so how did they get passed by


    1. Sunite

      Hmm your point about time was literally skipped by me, I didn’t even think of that. I presume that they were all thought by different dragons, and somehow came to the gate at different times. I don’t think there is a solid explanation here to what happened to them, unless the author tells us himself.

      Agreed on 777, and how Layla/Lucy and Anna are related. I think when Natsu was going for a strike at Zeref, he said the name Anna, so I think Zeref might have also known her.


  2. Nshhh

    Here’s a fun fact. Remember when laxus rebelled against fairy tail with his team rayjinshu? Freed started setting up cages at specific places including the guild. Now in the guild, no one older than 80 can get out which meant the master can’t stop laxus. He’s trapped inside along with natsu and gajeel. Gajeel got out easily but natsu didn’t. So, hoe can you explain this, if Gajeel is indeed 400 years old aswell how did he get passed thru the rune. Plotholes vrywhere.


    1. Alex

      Actually Gajeel didnt get out either! He was trapped inside along with Natsu and the master. Freed got beaten by Mira then the runes wore off so Gajeel and Natsu got out.


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