Rise of a Dead Man – Izuru Kira

Izuru Kira, the man who was shot down by a Quincy and brought back to life with the help of Mayuri Kurotsuchi. And now he faces a strong opponent with an etching intent to blow out and turn Soul Society into nothing but dirt. The only one who stands between that is the self-proclaimed dead man, Izuru Kira. A fantastic image of Kira with a large hole representing the death in his heart.

Rise of a Dead Man Izuru Kira by Nanfe

A pretty awesome fan art, even if it’s NSFW, it’s a dramatic image of the life Kira has now and what’ll happen to him in the future if he continues like this. It was drawn by NanFe who has a number of great fan art, very well done fan art if you ask me.

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  1. nickdunnaquatic

    May god, he looks very gruesome. I also noticed he somewhat changed. His personality always did fit the 3rd Division really well, but that’s all he had going for him. Kinda the reason why he couldn’t bond with Rojuro as fast as Momo bonded woth Shinji and especially Shuuhei with Kensei.


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