Wahl Icht’s Weakness! Ichiya Appears – Fairy Tail 459

Fairy Tail 459 see’s the power of Wahl Icht and his Weakness against the members of Fairy Tail, fighting against Gray, Juvia and other including Thunder God Tribe. After finding out that Wahl Icht is not human but a cyborg able to use magic, everyone is shocked and are unable to fight against his machines focused on defeating each individuals. This is when Ichiya appears!

Fairy Tail 459 begins as Natsu notices Erza falling from the destroyed ship, he goes towards her in an effort to help her fall so she doesn’t get hurt. She’s on the ground when she raises her arms and smiles, showing that she’s fine. Lucy and Cana are fighting against Brandish who appears to have Hay Fever, from this she begins to sneeze over and over again, unable to fight, thus Cana just hits over the head taking her as a hostage.

Gray, Juvia, Elfman, Mirajane and Lisanna fight against what seem to be robots as Juvia is hurt by a steam-releasing one, one that releases fire, one that uses brute force, another which is very quick, it seems that they’re all being countered by the robots, and Mirajane is being stopped by a Elfman robot.

Wahl Icht explains that his magic is Weakness, it can construct any soldier that exploits the enemies shortcoming. He has the power to see it all, however now he’s going to go and take care of Freed who created the Jutsu Shiki Barrier. Wahl Icht reaches the church where Freed is keeping the barrier up, he cannot move and thus Bickslow and Evergreen have to step up.

He quickly creates robots which he sends off, while both Evergreen and Bickslow attack, they are rendered useless since these machines have countered their attacks. They’re both quickly hurt after not expecting what was coming from their attacks. Both Bickslow and Evergreen use their eye magics, called the Stone Eyes on the machines and Wahl Icht, but it doesn’t seem to work.

It’s revealed that Wahl Icht himself is a robot, he transforms into a machine, they all feel some sort of electrical surge out of nowhere which see’s the arrival of Ichiya. He mentions that the robots actually conduct electricity pretty efficiently, ideal for his Thunder Perfume, everyone is shocked to see him. Fairy Tail 459 ends here.

A pretty good episode, and the first to the two part special for today’s issues. Can’t wait to write the next chapter Fairy Tail 460, titled “Pegasus Descends”, which is actually pretty good.

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