Wahl Icht Destroyed! Freed and Ichiya – Fairy Tail 460

Fairy Tail 460 concentrates of Wahl Icht as he’s quickly destroyed by the forces of Ichiya and Freed. All while Wahl Icht’s creations are being destroyed by others allowing for Ichiya and Freed the opening their deserve. While Wahl Icht is destroyed, it doesn’t mean he’s defeated as he might have more copies of himself elsewhere.

Fairy Tail 460 begins with Ichiya as he looks upon Wahl Icht in an effort of figuring out the enemies power. The others thought it was Laxus but it actually wasn’t. On top of which Wahl looks upon Ichiya in an effort to find his weakness but isn’t able to since he has too many. The others smile as Ichiya mentions that as they were fellow members of Blue Pegasus, they are family and are there to help.

Ichiya releases his poison perfume but it has no effect on Wahl since he’s a robot, Wahl attacks Ichiya, the other robots attack Bickslow and Evergreen too. Ichiya then uses his Thunder Parfum which enables him to use his Manly Thuderbolt of Justice which hits Wahl, however it doesn’t affect him.

Wahl mentions that his weakness is in fact electricity however he has taken care of this vulnerability. He then uses the charge he’s been given to releases a Vortex Charge which expands all throughout the church. On top of which it allows for Wahl to upgrade himself into another form. In other words, Laxus’ magic would have been ineffective.

Freed has no choice but to fight, however after hearing Laxus’ voice, he keeps the barrier up. Laxus asks what his status is, and mentions that he’s coming to help. However Freed tells him not to come. The bodyguards are there to help him. Evergreen and Bickslow both attack while mentioning that they’re there to protect the whole guild.

They’re both attacked, while others figure out that fighting each others opponents in such better as they quickly defeat all of them at once. While Freed keeps the barrier up, Natsu tells Freed that he’s taken care of the invaders from the west, giving him the go ahead to fight on.

Freed and Ichiya both prepare and dash out their strongest power, Ecriture of Darkness: Severing Shadow and Parfum of Power: Maximum Manliness, Wahl is ripped apart. It seems for a little while that Fairy Tail has won, and with Brandish as a hostage, they can work with her for information. Fairy Tail 460 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, and with two amazing chapters, it’s good to see that Blue Pegasus will get involved in this war between a guild and a nation. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 461, titled “For Who’s Sake Is That Parfum?”

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