Yahiko, Nagato and Konan! Team Jiraiya – Naruto Shippuden 434

Naruto Shippuden 434, another useless episode brings next to no progress in the current filler arc, and from my view point, it doesn’t seems like there will be an end to this miserable story we’re seeing right now. Tsunade probably has the worst Infinite Tsukuyomi dream out of everyone else that we’ve seen.

Naruto Shippuden 434 begins as Tsunade reads the book given to her by Jiraiya. We see Naruto getting hurt by the attack from Hidan, however he uses a clone and easily and quickly attacks him. We then meet Yahiko, Nagato and Konan as Team Jiraiya. Seeing how the others quickly know about him, Tsunade gets upset to see what he’d just written.

Shikamaru and team fight against members of Team Jiraiya. They’re being pushed around, when they all land in one spot after Yahiko tells them why they’re doing this, to stop the wars surrounding their village. Naruto and others fight off against Hidan and Kakuzu, they run off with Kakashi in their hand as they head towards the village.

Hinata and others follow Shikamaru’s tracks until they see that they were fighting someone and thus follow them. Shikamaru and others reach upon a village with no people or life. Naruto and others find themselves meeting Lee, Neji and Tenten, they tell each other what they should do in this situation.

They need to meet with the others and come up with a plan to get the others back. It seems that Naruto wants to go save them while Sasuke and others try to get more reinforcement with them. Shikamaru and others find two kids go into a house, they follow them when Team Jiraiya is also there.

Nagato goes crazy as he is reminded by what had happened to his parents when he was young. He see’s them as a threat and Yahiko tries to attack them, then Nagato goes crazy as he begins to scream and thus collapses the whole house as he creates holes in it, thus the kids falls in and thus are forced to go get them. Others go towards that direction. Naruto Shippuden 434 ends here.

A bit of a useless episode in my opinions, also it seems that we’ll get a few more of a these episodes in my opinion, they’re just boring, I want the real cannon episode already. Still, next week’s Naruto Shippuden 435, titled “Order of Priority” features the continuation of this story.

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  1. dreager1

    Yeah, the episode sounds pretty sad. The fillers continue to last. Think we’ll get to canon by November or more like December at this rate? Meanwhile, I just saw 3 more Naruto episodes including a mind blowingly bad filler imo) where the characters decided to go to the hot springs. The entire episode…..was just them at the hot springs. The very definition of filler! <_<


      1. dreager1

        Yes…way too pervy. The whole episode was basically just fanservice. Yeah, it was a prequel to the film as Tobi is spying on Naruto the whole time. I ended up not liking that film and this tie in was even worse. The fillers won’t end!


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