One Punch Man First Impressions

One Punch Man anime, definitely something to watch this season as its possibly one of the more hyped anime’s this season. Being adapted from the anime, it follows the story of Saitama who is an average person, who has a bald head with no physique. However, he’s a superhero with the ability to punch and knock out anything and anyone with just one punch.

One Punch Man Poster

So I’ll keep this nice and short, the first episode was awesome. As a first impression, One Punch Man is something that I find to be my kind of anime. It has that impact where an average guy can just become this badass guy who can kick some series butt.

My initial impressions were that Saitama will eventually face someone and something that will make his heart beat, just like the dream he has in the episode, he wants something that will burn deep in his heart. Something that will excite him to the core after even the first punch.

So this series is something that I will definitely look into, and I will be watching, and possibly reading the manga, if I really want to spoil it for myself. Nevertheless, I think everyone here should too, It’s probably going to be one of those amazingly anime that everyone will talk about over time.

Anyways, what do you think about this anime? Go ahead and comment down below and lets talk about this pretty awesome and new anime. Also here are some cool screen-caps from the anime.

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  1. dreager1

    This one sounds pretty awesome. Get ready for some intense feats as the series goes on. I probably won’t be watching this one anytime soon, but it’ll jump on my eventually backburner. Hopefully it stays at a consistently high level for you!


  2. Chrissy.C

    Hey, Sunite! Thanks for your continuing support to SAECHAOCIRCULATION.

    Ah, yes I think “One Punch Man” has a lot to offer. It`s definitely going to be the most watched series, this season. As not many are high-profile or very interesting.
    However, I find execution problems in the series. The director lacks the abillity to completely make captivating closures to an episode. It can be quite stale in visuals aside from it`s glorious battle concepts. Also, the lead`s abillity may be a overused joke and get old.

    Though, I do hope for the best for “One Punch-Man”. I only, want it to succeed. Thanks again, Sunite.

    – Chrissy.C Of


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