Team Leaders Captured! Akatsuki Appears – Naruto Shippuden 433

Naruto Shippuden 433 looks upon the adventure Naruto and others have started as they all go on ahead to find whats going on with what had happened to their missing team members. However, Team Leaders such as Kakashi, Guy, Kurenai, Asuma and others all disappear as it seems Tobi/Obito is taking all of them. Also Naruto faces Hidan as he’s already captured in his technique.

Naruto Shippuden 433 begins as Minato tells everyone about their mission, it seems that Naruto is more then excited. Minato visits the member who came back from the village, Izumu and Kotetsu are the one who got captured previously and thus the others are going to go and find them.

He can remember Ageha butterfly’s which Tsunade talks to Minato about it, it’s something that much be interesting, but they don’t know what to do at this point. He tells Naruto and Team 7 arrive, he’s excited to go on this mission, he tells them about it and why they’re going. Minato later wonders that Naruto is the child of the prophecy.

They go on ahead when we see Tobi or Obito activate something as it begins to activate and release vein like things from the ground which captures Kakashi. Naruto and Sasuke argue when she calls for her, he’s disappeared. Further to this, Asuma also disappears. Kurenai also disappears.

Neji notices chakra underground, he looks for it when Guy begins to feel his chest tighten up, Lee goes to get water as Tenten helps him out, she see’s what happens as she tells them. He’s been pulled underground, Neji notices the chakra is no longer there.

Naruto and others is being watched by someone, someone from the Akatsuki. Shikamaru and others talk about whats going on, he tells them what the real plan is, and that everyone else’s captains have also been captured. He predicts that Naruto and Sasuke will argue.

They discover that Minato’s kunai was there where he used his Transportation jutsu to track them. However, Minato’s Kunai didn’t get taken by them. Neji is crying as he looks for Guy. He’s tied down so Neji can tell them to calm now. Shikamaru mentions that Kiba, Shino and Hinata are the best to be with because of their sensory abilities.

They’re not moving as Hinata and others will look for them. Hidan appears who throws his sword towards Naruto, gets his blood and begins his process of killing someone. Hidan stabs himself which hurts Naruto, he bleeds out. Shikamaru and others then face against Konan, Yahiko and Nagato who are all members of the Akatsuki. Naruto is hurt, as Naruto Shippuden 433 ends here.

A pretty good episode, I’m really liking all these Akatsuki members coming back, they’re really bringing back memories of the good old times when Naruto didn’t have so many stupid fillers. Next week’s Naruto Shippuden 434 continues this story, titled “Team Jiraiya”.

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