All 9 Jinchuuriki’s! Killer Bee’s Infinite Tsukuyomi – Naruto Shippuden 430

Naruto Shippuden 430 see’s the end to Killer Bee’s dreams from the Infinite Tsukuyomi as all 9 Jinchuuriki’s get together in order to battle against the mass number of White Zetsu’s as well as the forces belonging to Deidara and Sasori. It seems that good will prevail as they all work together in order to defeat the common evil.

Naruto Shippuden 430 continues on the battle between all Bee, Naruto and Gaara against Sasori, Deidara and Itachi. When Fuu shows up, all while Itachi mentions that he’s leaving the Akatsuki with Nagato. They also want to leave because they can’t fight against 4 Jinchuuriki’s. Some time later, Bee tells Fuu to fist bump him.

She gets scared when he tries to force her, and accidentally punches Naruto. She tries to get away from him when Gaara talks to her and somewhat pushes her to do it as he finds him attractive when he calls her a friend.

We learn about the plan as Akatsuki wants to use the power of the Ten Tails in order to rule the world. They head towards Son Goku’s Jinchuuriki Roshi who tries to attack Bee but later learns about their plan. He mentions that weird people have been coming there and taking the villages children. We see a large bird, Chomei uses it’s abilities to reveal that Sasuke was circling them.

Sasuke learns that Itachi left the Akatsuki and is looking for him. However, when Orochimaru and Kabuto appear, he just leaves mentioning that he’s also looking for him and quickly disappears. Orochimaru unleashes his snake, this causes all the Jinchuuriki’s to unleashes their real form and kick Orochimaru and Kabuto’s snake and forms, they’re forced to run.

They have around 7 days left, with only one person left to get as Yugito and others meet up with them. It seems that they need everyone there to fight as one against the common enemy. They split up and go towards finding Yagura. Naruto and Gaara can’t find them, they talk a little about how they’re not dangerous yet people mention that they are and that they deserve more freedom.

Killer Bee finds Yagura, he tells him to fist bump him but it doesn’t work, however when Yagura swings at him with his weapon, he understands that he’s not there to hurt or force him. He just needs his help in this fight. Back at the castle, the Jinchuuriki’s wait for the others when Deidara and Sasori along with thousands of Zetsu’s begin their attack.

However each member uses their own power to fight against. Out of nowhere, the Gedo Statue appears, it begins to form a large Beast Bomb, it’s released towards the castle which hits Naruto and the others. And with no Bee or the others, they’re at a large disadvantage.

Bee and the others quickly show up just as they’re about to lose when they raise their arms and quickly transforms into a new form where they have new clothing, wearing white. They unleash their Beasts who unleash Beasts bombs each. It negates the Gedo Statue and hits Deidara and Sasori. It seems that they’ve won, Naruto Shippuden 430 ends with a smiling Bee.

A pretty good episode, with some really odd bits here and there, especially the Orochimaru bit. Nevertheless, it seems that this will carry on as we go and see Karin’s episode in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 431, titled “To See That Smile, Just One More Time”, another waiting week till we get back to the episodes.

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