Nemuri’s Soul! Nemuri vs Pernida – Bleach 642

Bleach 642 changes it once more as Nemuri sets herself into action by using the power of her own soul in order to battle against Pernida. In turn she saves Mayuri from severe injuries while also completely blowing up one of Pernida’s hands. While also she discovers the truth to her real name.

Bleach 642 begins as Akon talks to a young Nemuri as they talk about how Mayuri has not been calling her by her real name, and only just Nemu. Akon mentions that he guesses that Nemu must be hear name when she mentions that her name is Nemuri Nanagou. While she says this, a few flasks go a little crazy.

Kuna was working on them when something happens, she doesn’t know whats going on. Akon realises that these are the samples from the Godly Soul Project “Nemuri”, it was a long time ago. The samples are the first three, which didn’t really work out. The fourth one finally had a brain.

The technology of the fourth one helped him fix a fellow scientists head. The fifth one was able to get to the embryo stage, this technology was used by Mayuri to modify his own bankai. The sixth one grew for 2 years until it died, the cells halted in dividing and died. It was the life expectancy of Godly Soul Cells.

This is why when the seventh surpassed that life expectancy, Mayuri was extremely happy. We briefly see Nemuri jump as high as she could towards Mayuri in order to help him. Nemuri asks why he had stopped calling her by her real name, when Akon begins to mention that he thinks that he is embarrassed.

Akon mentions that he doesn’t think he has those king of feelings, the captain mentioned that the Godly Shinigami new Souls from nothing are the dream of any Shinigami. However, Mayuri mentions that it’s stupid that he’s awake while living a dream, this being his irony.

While Nemuri eat, slept, breaths and grew up, for Mayuri it’s like living the dream. And he’s embarrassed by the fact that he might realise this, seeing as though she gets more intelligent each day. Nemuri asks Akon if she stays ignorant, then Mayuri can keep calling her the Seventh, however it’s impossible as Nemuri is in fact his masterpiece.

Akon tells her that its impossible to think she wouldn’t evolve. We see Nemuri arrive and instantly blow up Pernida using her power. Mayuri asks Nemuri why she has such power, when she mentions that he’s the one who gave her this power. He gave her the body of a shinigami, she has just brought it’s power up to a 0.8 Tissue Collapse.

Nemuri can tell him that she can last another 400 seconds using that power. Mayuri mentions that it’s not what he’s trying to talk about since she hasn’t really ordered her to do this. Nemuri quickly mentions that it’s her mission to protect him. Mayuri shouts at him that her mission it to grow, however she thinks that she can best show her growth by protecting him.

Nemuri throws Mayuri to one of the buildings, as he mentions that she never knew that she had evolved so much, he finds its humiliating. Nemuri rushes towards Pernida as she unleashes her power of Soul Cutting 6%, she cuts 6% of her soul and directly shoots it into Pernida to destroy it. She uses her Gikon Juurinjuu into Pernida’s hands! Bleach 642 ends here.

A magnificent chapter indeed, as Mayuri takes it easy and Nemuri finally takes to the main stage in order to battle against Pernida. It seems that Nemuri could now actually go all out against the opponents of her choice. Nevertheless, this chapter is awesome, and I can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 643, which will continue on to the magnificent battle.

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  1. nickdunnaquatic

    Thus chapter was interesting. I like that we find out what’s up with Akon back in the Serietei. The flashback was good. This power Nemu has is amazing. But I still don’t believe she cab defeat Pernida. If I know Kubo, he’s definitely trying to make us think she’s won, despite showing us much earlier that someone will die. Also, this growth project allowed Mayuri to become a Captain. That means Mayuri didn’t train to get Bankai, he just modified Ashisogi Jizo to get Bankai. I guess it makes sense.


      1. Sunite

        Hopefully she doesn’t die, but I think she will. Or the fact that shes using her own soul as a weapon may mean that she will lose it, or most of it and won’t be the same normal Shinigami after defeating Pernida.


          1. Sunite

            I know, but now she thinks she has to protect him. She is conscious and alive from all orders form him. She’s all grown up and make her own decisions. I think she will also sacrifice, but hopefully its something that will drive Mayuri to go absolutely crazy or go nuts that he will unleash hell on Pernida or other Quincy.


            1. nickdunnaquatic

              I know Nemu will die from using this dangerous power. While Mayuri will try to kill Pernida out of rage but still die. I like that she and Akon had a good relationship.


  2. dreager1

    Well, this chapter was a little better than the last few for me. Good to see Nemu using her DBZ type action to take the win. I’m going to go against the grain here and say that not only will Mayuri and Nemu both live, but Nemu will actually defeat Pernida on her own. It’s really unlikely, but at the same time, I feel like it would be the best way to end her character arc.


  3. mugetsu

    she thinks she has to
    protect him. She is conscious and alive
    from all orders form him. She’s all
    grown up and make her own
    decisions.but i think if its ichigo,he would have easily defeated pernida


      1. nickdunnaquatic

        Technically, Pernida already made contact with Nemuri. When she fired her Heilig Pfeil and Nemuri grabbed one to save Mayuri, her right arm got warped. So whatever happens, Nemuri will most likely destroy Pernida, but she will regenerate into one hand, or hopefully, her humanoid form and kill them both. Cause I know realize that for Aizen to escape his binds, Mayuri needs to die. Sense he has the device that controls the binds.


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      That’s what I believe will happen. Of course, for Aizen to escape, he needs to find out that Mayuri died. I also don’t believe he will fight Pernida, even though that would be awesome to see. I still believe Pernida will fight a Royal Guard Member like Shutara.


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