Killer Bee’s Infinite Tsukuyomi – Naruto Shippuden 429

Naruto Shippuden 429 steps into another dream world, this time the Infinite Tsukuyomi affects Killer Bee who fights to reclaim the full power of all Tailed Beasts, he tries to get them together in order to protect and regain all of his abilities. Whilst encountering some members of the Akatsuki such as Itachi, Deidara and Sasori.

Naruto Shippuden 429 begins as Killer Bee and Yugito Nii with her small Tailed Beast are at the Sand village trying to get Gaara out. They go on in and Bee talks to Gaara by telling him that he has a plan for all that he’s doing. Yugito has gone somewhere else, in the mean time, Gaara breaks out of the village in order to help with their plan, however they were briefly stopped by a large puppet with was there but quickly defeated as the building fell on them.

Yugito was outside with Gaara’s absolute defense, it seems that their next plan is to go ahead and get the Nine tails. We go to Tsunade head where Naruto is trapped in its mouth, he’s given some ramen but dropped as Gaara and Bee arrive to get him out. They want to get him out of the barrier he’s in.

However, after breaking in, they encounter that Tsunade’s head is in fact a trap, they’re pulled into the void beneath the mouth. They arrive somewhere, but Tsunade and others appear. It seems that they now want to leave and have their own mission, however even Bee cannot speak after looking at Tsunade’s body. Tsunade proposes a game, due to the fact that they cannot win.

Getting odds or even on a dice. They begin, however the dice is replaced by Shukaku’s transformation, they’re caught red handed when Gyuki appears and smokes the whole place. They begin their escape out when Naruto is also told the plan  using fist bump. Tsunade gets Yamato and others to find and capture Naruto, concentrating on Naruto over the others.

Bee, Gaara and Naruto discuss their mission to get their powers back from the Akatsuki. It seems that Yamato and others are already there, thus they devise a plan. Naruto, Gaara and Bee are captured, but they’re just clones. Naruto and others attack back, even going as far as to going three or four tails. However, they realise that they’re too much, thus they defend and retreat for the time being.

They’re at the Hidden Waterfall, however out of nowhere members of Akatsuki appear, Deidara, Itachi and Sasori all appear. They have come to stop their plan, however fight quickly begins as Naruto attacks Itachi, Deidara against Gaara and Bee versus Sasori. Naruto is trapped in a Genjutsu, however escapes, then we see a pretty cool attack from Bee when Naruto Shippuden 429 ends.

An okay chapter, from starting out pretty badly, it actually made me happy to see members of the Akatsuki go about and fight against them. Next week’s Naruto Shippuden 430, titled “Killer Bee Rappuden: Part 2” see’s all Jinchuuriki’s gather in order to fight for whats right.

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    Not gonna lie, this was a really good filler episode and funny too, (and actually I thought this 1 Killer Bee Rappuden episode was better than 100 Naruto Shippuden episodes).

    It is also cool, because now we get to see all the Jinchuuriki’s together, for the first time, which didn’t happen even in the canon, (not including the time Naruto and B fought against the Edo Tensei Jinchuuriki, as Gaara wasn’t with them).


    1. Sunite

      Oh that is true, in the second part we will see. I really liked the moment Akatsuki came in, probably one of the best things about Naruto. Their theme song reminded me of the good old times.


    1. Sunite

      Part two will see all the Jinchuuriki’s in one place, for the first time I think. The memories the Akatsuki’s arrival brought were quite overwhelming. Brought back the memories between Deidara vs Gaara.


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