Daily Anime Art Update #2

Hello everyone, Sunite here. It’s been some time since I updated everyone on whats going on. So as many of you may have noticed. We’re once again using this theme and layout just like a few months ago. Why you may ask, we’ll I discuss this and other little things that may be going on too.

Daily Anime ArtThe one big thing that everyone may have noticed is that the blog has updated its theme to what it was a couple of months ago. Just to repeat, a few months ago, I moved the entire blog from where I hosted it, which was with WordPress, to a paid private host.

So after a few months of hard work, getting the blog properly setup, making sure everything looked it’s best, it was all setup and looked amazing. However, as time went on, I had to work out a way to pay for the hosting and so on, so I placed a few ads, which were able to cover the cost.

As time went on, the blogged seemed to take more and more time, not at the front, but at the backend as I began spending less time publishing, and more time making sure that the blog was running optimally.

More and more time was being spent on something I really didn’t want to do at those times. So after a few weeks of thinking about it all, I chose the option to go back to the previous host and spend less time worrying about the host and more time actually writing meaningful posts.

Furthermore, I’m going back to university to do a year one Integrated Masters course, so won’t have as much time as I usually do. In the mean time, I think I’ve secured some more time writing compared to fixing or tweaking things to make the blog run smoothly, I can just rely this on the experts of WordPress.

So what’s new? Let’s talk about life and an anime in the comment section below 🙂

Ps. it will take a couple of hours/a day for many to see the new design and blog.

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    1. Sunite

      The previous theme was awesome, it worked both on PC and phones. With me moving back to this version, makes it a lot easier for me to just write and publish, although it took a long time to transfer all the data. There are soo many images go move hah.


    2. Sunite

      Also, you’ve got a new name? Hah. Plus I can’t actually see the blog right now. It is receiving views and other people can see the home page. But for me its still the old design, it might take a while to update to the new one for me at least.


  1. dreager1

    Yeah, that definitely sounds like a lot of time and with a masters course coming up, I think you definitely made the right call! Good luck on that btw and it’s great to see you continuing your education. A master’s can really make a difference. I typically don’t have all that much time for games during school time and you may have noticed that I’ve basically stopped doing fights as well. I almost exclusively do reviews now although I will do fights from time to time. There’s just so much to do and not enough time to do it! Well, I’m looking forward to when I finish college as well so I can have fun blogging and gaming :p

    I haven’t been commenting on the Bleach chapters lately, mostly because it’s been in a bit of a rut for me. I’ll be sure to get back into it though, but One Piece has actually been beating it lately. Where are you up to with that one right now?


    1. Sunite

      Thanks, its going to be another tiresome year. Yeah, your reviews are pretty in depth, that’s what makes them really good. And currently the only thing that has been going on was me going to the gym and anime and blogging for a while. Even doing that has taken up a lot of time. The only game I currently play would be League of Legends.
      Bleach has been on the Mayuri and Pernida Hype for a while. With OP, ive not made any progress. The OP tab on my tablet has been open for weeks now, and I’ve not clicked and opened to watch in some time now. Still just before Ace’s execution, I know the Ace, Sabo and Luffy episode/film was recently released i think, there’s a lot of Hype for it too.


    1. Sunite

      Wahoo welcome! I presume so, when I moved away from the core WordPress services, and self hosted my own blog, many app users couldn’t comment or like. Although if you visited directly then you could. Awesome to finally have you here and thank you!

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