Cosplay: Satsuki Kiryuin

Satsuki Kiryuin is one of the antagonist in the anime Kill La Kill where she and her crew battle it out against Ryuko Matoi to distribute their own clothing line in order to take over the world by increasing their own power. This wonderful Satsuki Kiryuin cosplay is fantastic, probably one of the best cosplay I’ve ever seen of an anime character, check it out below! 

Having a closer look, what do you think about this wonderful and amazing anime cosplay of Kiryuin Satsuki, if you like this work you will definitely love to see what AlienOrihara has to offer with her countless number of fantastic cosplay spanning from Erza to Ino.

Go ahead and check out their wonderful pieces of work, you won’t be disappointed. Also be sure to go ahead and share these pieces of work with other Kill La Kill fans, as well as commenting down below telling us your thoughts on this.

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    1. Sunite

      Yeah when it aired, a lot of people found it different and strange but somehow the story was quite awesome and had a lot of messages based on the current lifestyle people have.


        1. Sunite

          There are around 25 episodes, if you have time to add this anime to your collection then I think i’d be awesome. Imo the series has a lot to offer, Mako Mankanshoku is really funny and well played out in this series, props that her character.


          1. Nick Dunn

            I’ll give it a shot. Why not. I’m actually on the episode of Naruto That’s Before The One you Posted Resently. I’ll add it to that and One Piece.


              1. davidoko

                And sunite, thanks for liking my post on
                I actually didn’t think anyone would even see it

                I just posted another post. It’s a summary of the final arc. Please I invite everyone to check it out. I don’t know how you worked out dailyanimeart but it’s amazing.


              2. Sunite

                No no, the graphic style is not bad at all. The way they draw things I think makes the anime very interesting. I really like the style they choose and I think it also fits in with the type of humour.


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