Kill La Kill Anime Review

Kill La Kill focuses on Ryuko Matoi who is school girl travelling from place to place searching for clues to the truth behind her father’s killer. She reaches upon Honnouji Academy where elite students are granted superhuman powers by the uniform they wear. The academy is ruled by a ruthless student body president, Satsuki Kiryuin.

Ryuko Matoi

Ryuko Matoi

Ryuko’s search for the killer, who has the other half of the scissor blade which killed her father. Upon talking to Satsuki, Ryuko realises that she has information. She is unable to battle against Satsuki due to her battle experience limitations, this is where her own clothes come into play. She accidentally lands upon Junketsu, which is the name of a special uniform created specifically by her father for her daughter.

The story begins as Ryuko goes onto challenging the whole school in order to gain the information she needs about her father and his killer. Before I begin talking and doing a Kill La Kill Anime Review, I’d like to mention that this is my first time reviewing an anime, by this I’ll be giving it a score out of 10, representing how well the show was overall.

This series for me, was great. It brought forth a number of emotions which I felt were perfect for an anime such as this. Starting out, especially watching the first few minutes of the anime, I was completely lost. I didn’t get what was happening at some points but the anime filled these bits in quite well. After watching the first episode I was literally 50/50 about the series, If I didn’t carry on, I would have never finished it, and I wouldn’t be here writing about it here.

Kill La Kill is a great anime, it deserves all the praise and more it’s gotten. While we see lots and battles and crazy effects here and there. We also see many aspects of what usually makes an anime like-able, these being how the show itself is a parody of many aspects on anime.

Over-sexualized scenes, provocative clothing including lots of fan service. Having a overpowered group of people where the protagonist must over throw. A story circulating mostly on revenge and finally how Kill La Kill focus on many of today’s social and ethical aspects, such as student/school life and clothing. How the majority overthrow the minority in schools, depending on how they are and what they do, plus how a person’s clothing can be judged in many ways, Kill La Kill seems to focus on taking everything off and focusing on how we’re all the same.

Elite Four

Elite Four

Kill La Kill actually has some really awesome characters, Ryuko herself is shown to be one of the characters which has a number of themes circulating her, on top of which there are a large number of other character in the series which are likable. Even the antagonist herself, Satsuki and the Elite Four are quite relatable, their past and struggle are shown throughout the series giving life to their themes and how they relate to the overall series.

Mako Mankanshoku

Mako Mankanshoku

Even Mako, who essentially seems like the fool, has a great number of parts, she’s the girl behind Ryuko. If she wasn’t there, Ryuko would have been defeated long before she could gain any valuable information from them. In one of the episodes, we even focus on how Ryuko’s status changes in school giving her and her family an absolute change in characteristics.

She becomes a changed person compared to what we know of her. Also another message at how those with money look down upon those who work hard but are unable to pay for meals, a shocking truth to how the world works. Getting richer, becoming famous and forgetting relationships all seem like sins to me.

Moving on, the art, a lot can be said about the art. In fact, it was probably one of the reason why I nearly jump overboard after watching the first episode. I liked the concept but the art wasn’t there. However, I gave it a shot and it somehow grew on me. It’s somewhat chaotic yet extremely fun style. Once all the aspects of this show come together, the art truly becomes beautiful, it’s not something I’d say about weekly anime’s which have been going on for years where they have to take shortcuts when animating weekly episodes, trying to pump as many as quickly as possible.

The art work is definitely not sloppy, it’s actually put together really nicely. However, it’s worthy of a mention that there are a few repeated scenes where Ryuko would change her Kamui, and the same exact shot would be used once again in another episode, or when Mako makes her entrance with her hands crossed. It’s not something I’d find intolerable, but it could have been improved a little better.

The show is definitely something I enjoyed, it’s something I could rewatch a few times till I get tired of it. The creativity behind the anime is quite unique, I really liked the show and would recommend it to any new or veteran anime watcher.

I score Kill La Kill (Season 1):

8.5 out of 10

A reasonable score, If you also watch this anime, I’d like to hear about your thoughts and opinions. If you also liked it be sure to go ahead and comment down below.

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    1. Sunite

      I do agree that there was a lot of hype about the show, even I have to agree. But the sheer fact that there wasn’t an anime like it before aided in that, fans always got something new each episode, and it was always fresh and amazing which pushed the hype even further.


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