Fairy Heart’s Truth! Fighting For Family – Fairy Tail 448

Fairy Tail 448 see’s Mavis showing up to tell everyone the truth behind Fairy Heart (Lumen Histoire) while revealing the story behind the cursed boy and girl. While celebrating the return of their original master, Makarov, he tells them that Alvarez and the Spriggan 12 are coming to take their most behold secret.

Fairy Tail 448 begins as everyone in the guild celebrates the return of Makarov to their new guild once more. Erza quits as being the master while Makarov once again takes over. They all celebrate the homecoming while learning the past about other members as Laxus seemed to be an entertainer.

Mest talked to Solano too about their business. All while Wendy is unhappy that she gets motion sickness. They all return to their noise normal self. Lucy realises that the master is back, the Thunder God Tribe are back to normal, all while members of the Alvarez members are beyond their imagination.

And Zeref rules over Alvarez using the name Spriggan, while preparing his next move and trying to get his hands on the Lumen Histoire, the body of Mavis in the basement. A battle is about to begin, most probably be their most difficult so far, she wants everyone to win, and to once again enjoy and laugh together.

Makarov gets up and tells everyone that he’s sorry, he won’t make any more excuses but he’s really sorry. Everyone in the guild heard from Mest that he protect everyone. All while telling everyone that the Alvarez kingdom is going to attack them. A huge country is marching towards their guild.

Natsu shouts so what, they’ve fought for Fairy Tail so many times that no matter how strong their enemy is, they will always protect the ones who are important to them. It’s not that he’s scared, it’s like a parcel you wouldn’t know how to put down, but everyone will definitely help them.

The real fear is the thought that these happy days might not continue. To be able to laugh together once again, they have to fight. Their goal is not victory, it’s the fight to live! It seems that everyone is ready, while Makarov also reveals that he also is ready. They will regret challenging their family, they will strike them back, Makarov mentions.

Everyone has their own mission, they have their own mission and what they must do to protect the guild. Everyone has been training for a long time now, they have grown stronger and will use it to fight their enemies. Makarov gets everyone’s attention when he mentions that they need to know about the Lumen Histoire, or now known as the Fairy Heart.

Mavis shows up in surprise as she’s the one to reveal the secret that is the Fairy Heart. She mentions that Fairy Heart has been in their guild for a long time, it’s the most protected information so far. It’s a secret the world must not know. However, they must know why Zeref wants it, it’s her sin.

She mentions that it’s time to reveal the truth about the story behind the cursed boy and cursed girl and of the single magic they are pursing. Fairy Heart is something so powerful that it could be anything as Fairy Tail 448 ends here.

A crazy and wonderful episode, I can’t believe that Mavis has shown up once more, and now it seems that it’s for a good reason as Mavis will finally reveal the truth behind Fairy Heart. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 449, titled “Mavis and Zeref” as we see what the truth behind their relationship really is.

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