Natsu Punches Azir! Makarov Saved – Fairy Tail 446

Fairy Tail 446 see’s members of Fairy Tail finding out the real identity of Spriggan to be Zeref, while also being faced by a new enemy as they try to escape. Azir Lumar (Azeal) finds Natsu and others as they try to get back to the Ishgar, they’re faced by a sand monster and sand trap, Natsu gets a brilliant punch on Azir.

Fairy Tail 446 see’s Makarov telling the others that Zeref is the one called Emperor Spriggan, Makarov asks if Mest kept them in the loop, when he goes to mention that it was naive for him to do this the way he did. He never had an intention to negotiate in the first place.

After all his done, he’s gone and soil the guild’s long history by going there. all of it for nothing, finding it very frustrating. Gray mentions that not all of it was pointless, they’ve also grown a lot in the span of a year, and now they’re all back together. Erza mentions that if the drive behind one’s actions aids the thought for another then it is never meaningless.

It is what Makarov had thought them. On top of which, Natsu approaches Makarov and puts his hand as he mentions that they’re going home, back to Fairy Tail. Carla mentions that they need to go on ahead. Mest mentions that he can only teleport once more.

He would like to use this to move on to Solano’s ship, that being said, they need to get to the drop-off point. Out of nowhere, we see Azir Lumar (Azeal) appear out of nowhere, asking if he’s already going home. Then jokingly asks if he’s got his souvenirs.

He can control the sand around them as he knew they were there by his abilities to control sand. Gray knows that he’s as strong as Brandish. Natsu’s arm begins to react to Azir’s appearance. Makarov mentions not to fight him, they need to move. These are orders from their master, thus they need to retreat.

Erza throws her blades to stop Azir, then begin retreating. They get into a magic vehicle and quickly get going. Azir doesn’t move from where he is as the swords in him just turn into sand. Azir mentions that he’s impressed by Makarov’s army. Erza goes on as quick as she can when a large monster appears.

They’re faced by a large sand monster which had appeared out of nowhere. Erza tries to steer through the attacks by the monster, Gray and Lucy climb up to the roof of the car when Makarov mentions that they have no chance. Gray changes into his form where he can use his dark magic while Lucy uses her Stardress Sagittarius Form, Makarov is shocked to see them with new techniques.

Gray unleashes his Ice Make Silver where it freezes everything surrounding that area, similar to Silver’s magic that can freeze anything, it does so to the monster but doesn’t’ affect Azir, who is on top of the monster. Azir jumps into action when he unleashes sand birds towards them. This time we see Lucy and her abilities with her bow use Starshot.

Azir disappears and quickly shows up beneath them, they car crashes in a move by Azir as we see his Ant Lion Larva’s Pit. Azir mentions that he has killed many people and towns using this technique to swallow them. This is his Ant Lion Larva’s Pit is his Hell’s Door. No one has escaped it before.

Azir goes on to boast as he mentions that he eats wizards for breakfast, they’re just in different leagues. He then mentions Ishgar’s now a land abandoned by the Gods, it’s only a matter of time when Alvarez takes control of it. Fairy Tail are currently frustrated when they explode into action.

Natsu mentions if they’re abandoned by the Gods, then at least they still have the fairies. Natsu and others jump into action as they escape the trap. Out of nowhere, we see Natsu punch Azir right in the face with his left hand, why couldn’t he use his other hand here? Nevertheless, Fairy Tail 446 ends here.

A brilliant chapter, seeing Azeal/Azir show some of his tricks, while also seeing how Natsu can go up against Azir by just punching him once is something to see. It seems that the declaration of war against Spriggan has begun, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 447, titled “Escape Battle” as we see Fairy Tail try to escape back to Ishgar.

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  1. pelerini20

    Natsu vs Azir should be a good fight. I also noticed him holding his right arm. I think he gained an incredible power in his right arm and he’s just trying to hold it back. I think he’s saving it for the right moment. He doesn’t want to use it unless he absolutely has to. Also, if he let’s loose such a great power, his friends might get caught in it and get hurt. He definitely does NOT want that to happen.
    Another theory could be that his arm is wrapped up because it transformed and is covered in dragon scales. This could be the result of his rigorous training manifesting his dragon-slayer magic in the form of a dragon transformation. He might have gained the power to transform into a dragon at will like Acnologia.
    I look forward to seeing the truth of his right arm. Hopefully it’ll be within the next few chapters.


    1. Sunite

      Wait…. It could actually be covered with scales. When he destroyed the large monster god thing before with his right arm, I think he briefly turned into his dragon form, and when he turned back, his arm was still dragon like. So I think you could actually be correct. Plus as Igneel is no longer inside of Natsu, it’s most likely that Natsu is actually beginning to turn into his dragon form, this could also be same for Wendy, Gajeel and the other Dragon Slayers.


        1. Sunite

          They were within Natsu and other Dragon slayers, however during the end of the Tartarus Arc, they came out and showed up to save Ishgar and battle against Acnologia who showed up. They then all disappeared and were never able to return to their original place inside their Dragon slayers.


    1. pelerini20

      If you’re looking for action, then Fairy Tail has at least one fight in every single episode/chapter. I love the comedy. Each character has their own set of quirks that set them aside from the rest of the cast, but also makes them an integral part of the whole. Without a second thought, they would each give up their lives for each other, but at the same time wouldn’t hesitate to punch each other in the face. (and they always do) I LOVE IT! I think you will, too.


    1. Sunite

      Yeah that’s something highly possibly, along with being able to fight anyone else in his current state, and having the secret ability in his hand, he could surprise himself with this.


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