Face Activation! Natsu vs Franmalth – Fairy Tail 242

Fairy Tail 242 see’s the manual activation of Face by Ezel with less than an hour left till it goes off, Wendy gears into action in her efforts to manually shut it off. Whilst, Natsu vs Franmalth occurs with Franmalth showing him his strongest soul. On top of which Erza carry’s on battling Kyouka while Mirajane picks a battle with Sailah.

Fairy Tail 242 begins with Zeref starting  by telling Natsu that he’s at the library where his books are kept, this now being called Tartarus for the reason that Master END created this guild. Natsu mentions that Igneel wasn’t able to defeat END while Zeref mentions that it will either mean that Natsu lives and kills END or dies by the hands of END.

Natsu tells him that he will definitely destroy END, with all his might, he will do it, and thus strikes the heat sword he was onto Zeref, however it doesn’t do any kind of damage as it’s time for Zeref to once again disappear, for the mean time anyways. Natsu doesn’t understand what he meant by what he says at times.

Next up we see Erza as she gets back to the bottom side of the cube, asking what’s happening. While Gray and everyone else begin their chant to fight, they’re all fired up as they jump into the hole created by Erza. Erza is caught by Kyouka when she mentions that she will handle her, she will fight her while the others can take care of the other battles.

Erza mentions to Kyouka that it’s probably been a while for her to fight like this. Gray and others begin clearing up the large number of soldiers. Even Makarov gets his hands ready to fight here as he kicks a large machine dedicated to kicking some ass.

We see Lisanna meet up with Mirajane as she tells her what she’s been up to, this being Natsu and Erza being fine while Elfman is captured by them. Seilah appears telling her and Mirajane that Elfman was used to blow up the Fairy Tail HQ, however he was not all that successful as no one died, he was useless.

She is pissed off as she had ashed Kyouka, while on the other hand Mirajane is also pissed off that she would do such a thing to her brother. Elsewhere we see Franmalth playing with the machine looking for the place that Face is, while Lucy and Wendy walk in, they check the machines when they notice the timer.

They also find out that Face has been activated, however they have no longer then 40 minutes left to do something. Keyes walks on to trap them as well as to kill them, when Franmalth also shows himself.

Wendy and Lucy get ready when Lucy calls upon Taurus and Aries as they both help both of them disappear from the situation. They escape however from the hall they pass through, they see Keyes once more. However, seconds later we see Gray show up as he tries to beat Keyes but just turns into dust.

They can’t explain why but they need to go as soon as possible. However, with their speed, Happy and Lucy encounter Aries’ cloud and get stuck in it,to which they both tell  Wendy to go on ahead with out. Seconds later we see Franmalth appear when he launches his hand towards her, but Natsu appears and burns his hand.

Natsu goes on to start a fight against Franmalth but he quickly changes his face to that of Aries in his new form meaning that Natsu won’t be able to punch him. He explains that his revolution ability allows him to absorbs souls. Natsu then is faced by Taurus’ face but he just punches him. Then Franmalth gets pissed off and changes into one of his strongest Soul. Fairy Tail 242 ends here.

A pretty good episode we see some great fights coming up, those between Natsu vs Franmalth, Erza vs Kyouka, Mirajane vs Seilah and many more will also happen soon enough. Next week’s Fairy Tail 243, titled “Tartaros Arc: Wendy Versus Ezel” when we’ll see the start of Wendy vs Ezel, which will see a new power from Wendy!

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