8 Minimalist Fate/Stay Night Wallpaper

Fate/Stay Night along with its multitudes of story lines brings along a number of great stories which anyone and everyone could love. Along with enjoying the amazing story lines, here are 8 amazing Fate/Stay Night wallpapers which would look on any great screen from your desktop, laptop of even mobile phone.

These fantastic wallpapers can be used by clicking on them, scrolling down and viewing the Full Size, they were created by greenmapple17 which has a number of great and wonderful pieces on their profile full of minimalist-type anime wallpapers. Check their work otherwise go ahead and share this page with your friends so they can use them too.

There are 9 comments

      1. Nick Dunn

        I’ve always liked Gilgamesh’s armor. I also wondered why he is blond even though he is based off of an ancient Arabic ruler from Babylon.


        1. Sunite

          Hmm I’m not quite sure about his past in terms of where his from, but he might be my favourite character with his calm he is but can destroy anything and anyone, except Shirou.


          1. Nick Dunn

            Ya he does have an interesting personality. Not really my favorite, but I do like it. Saber is my favorite. She is just awesome. Shiro as well.


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