POLL: Natsu vs Brandish (Results)

Natsu vs Brandish, a battle that would be spectacular if Natsu Dragneel and Bradish, one of the Spriggran Twelve, had fought. A poll was run for a week or so asking anyone and everyone who they thought would win between Natsu and Brandish. the results are quite interesting seeing as how strong Brandish is.

Natsu vs Brandish

Over the time to which this poll was run, nearly 200 votes were cast, logged and counted between the two options available. Seeing below, we can see the results of the poll below:

Natsu vs Brandish who would win poll resultsSo, from the 199 votes that were cast using the poll placed, the two options being Brandish and Natsu Dragneel. First of all, Brandish received a total of 59 votes giving her a total of 30% from the total 199 placed votes. While on the other hand, we see Natsu Dragneel receive a total of 140 votes with 70% of the total 100%. It seems that Fairy Tail fans seem to think that a battle between Natsu Dragneel vs Brandish would see Natsu win against the great power which Brandish showed to some of the strongest members of Fairy Tail when she put an island beneath the sea with her great power.

The original poll is placed below, so if you’d like to place your votes after this conclusion, go ahead.

So with the results this poll at hand, I personally voted for Natsu for a number of reason, yes we saw Brandish raise and reduce the height of the island as well as reduce her companion to nothing with just a look. With such power, it seems that she would be unbeatable.

However, from what we saw, we didn’t quite see any abilities which proved that she could directly fight one on one like Natsu can. It seems that she has powers but it’s nothing that could complement her in such a fight. On top of this we saw Natsu’s abilities and powers after his training when he got so mad that he literally killed, destroyed and demolished a massive statue of a God which allowed him to save a village full of people.

This really proved how just a few hits from Natsu’s abilities can go a long way to defeating even a God! This could possibly prove that Natsu’s abilities have the power to defeat Brandish, even if it means that it would be a battle that would carry on for a long time. So what do you think of this? Go ahead and comment down below telling everyone who you feel would win between these two.

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    1. Sunite

      Hello Matt, thank you so much for the amazing award. Currently I’m terribly busy with a family wedding ceremonies, so for the next few days, I will try and do my best to write a post wherever I can. Thank you once more.


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