Zeref Appears! Fairy Tail Alive – Fairy Tail 241

Fairy tail 241 concentrates on the escape of members of Fairy Tail from the exploding Fairy Tail HQ as Happy, Carla and Lily ass escape with Cana’s cards trapping all the members of Fairy Tail in them. Erza’s chance to torture Kyouka has come as Natsu and Lisanna help her get out. While Natsu goes on to battle and save Mirajane, Zeref appears to say what Tartarus really is.

Fairy Tail 241 begins as Kyouka, Seilah and Franmalth talk about getting ready to release the Face weapon to get closer to Zeref. However, seconds later they detect Happy, Carla and Lily climbing up with cards on their hands. We learn that Cana had turned everyone into cards just before the bomb went up, this allowed the cats the chance to hold them and get out of there.

Kyouka enables the gravity on the bottom of the cube and sends soldiers there,  Carla, Happy and Lily all get there as Cana releases them on the bottom of the cube. This allows members of Fairy Tail the chance to fight here as they begin beating up the soldiers, while Elfman is upset at his actions.

We also see Lammy with Mirajane, as she gives her demon particles, we learn that Mirajane already had demon particles in her that she used for her Demon Soul, this just woke her up. Kyouka goes to Erza when she finds Erza gone, Natsu and Lisanna appear and hold Kyouka down, while Erza appears.

Erza mentions that she’s taken good care of her, now it’s her chance to do the same. Erza mentions that Lisanna and Natsu should go and save Mirajane, while Erza stays with Kyouka. Erza learns that Jellal is not dead but the Face weapon seal has been released.

Kyouka gets out of the restraints while Erza punches and kicks her. Erza blocks then changes into an armor which pierces through Kyouka and into the ground. Others are also fighting, from Gray and Juvia to Gajeel. Wendy also uses her abilities while Lucy has Loke to help her out. Makarov is also there as he gets pissed off.

Jet, Droy and Max also fight to other the guild, Levy is also fighting, Elfman wishes to battle and kick all their ass. The whole guild battles as try to find a way to get to the top, they do so when Erza pierces through the cube with Kyouka in front of her spear. Natsu helps Lisanna disappear as he fights the soldiers. Time freezes and Zeref appearing, telling him that Tartarus is his book collection. Fairy Tail 241 ends here.

A fantastic episode indeed, we’re still waiting for a lot of fights to appear as we carry on with this arc, nevertheless, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 242, titled “Tartarus Arc: Let Live or Kill” when we see more enemies as well more ways to stop Face, even as it gets ever-closer to activating.

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