Natsu Defeats Jackal! Face Weapon – Fairy Tail 237

Fairy Tail 237 see’s the reveal of what Face is, a Magic Pulse Bomb able to destroy all magic in a continent. After most of the council members are killed, Fairy Tail is told by Michello that the Face weapon requires three individuals who are the keys to activating Face. The former council member knows where they are, Erza and Mirajane go to help him.

Fairy Tail 237 begins as Natsu vs Jackal finish their match, Natsu is able to compete with his explosions, to which Jackal gets nervous and quickly upgrades his form to show his Demon form. Natsu vs Jackal once again begins however Natsu goes full on when he asks for his Lightning magic to be included in his fire.

In turn Natsu is able to quickly get rid of Natsu with one final attack which completely disables Jackal to the ground. Natsu is tired and falls to the ground after the final set of explosions. We see that Jackal had set a trap for the village to explode when he’s about to die.

He will explode as he dies, however Happy sets into action to take Jackal as high and quickly as he can in order to prevent the village from being exploded. Jackal explodes into a million pieces, it seems that Happy may have died here! However, seconds later Happy appears all burnt up with a massive blue afro.

Gray and Juvia go into a village where the beast they travel on can sense that the village has been destroyed and people from the village have escaped. Gajeel, Gray and others find their council member dead. Elfman and Lisanna find a dead council member, however he wakes up and breaks their lacrima to contact back.

Moments later we see Sayla from Tartarus who begins by saying that they’re boring, she controls Elfman’s body to hold Lisanna’s neck, as it seems he’s going to break it. Lucy contacts Makarov to say that Michello is still alive. He tells them about Face, a magic pulse bomb capable to taking out a whole continent and it’s magic.

It’s a weapon capable of eradicating magic, all of it. He mentions that not a lot of people know about it, Tartarus are some that know about it. It’s locations are unknown, however there are Living Links to activating it, three people are linked to activating the weapon.

Only the former council member knows who these people are, Fairy Tail find some of the other former council members all while Erza and Mirajane go towards the former council members house in order to protect him. Fairy Tail 237 ends here.

A good episode, although the first 7 minutes of this episode were nothing but crap. It seems like I’m being really judgmental but there is no need to spend 7 minutes repeating everything. In next week’s Fairy Tail 238, titled “Immorality and Sinners” as we see Erza and Mirajane being caught, Cobra and others being released as well as seeing Jellal after a long time.

What do you think?

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