War on Tartarus! Natsu vs Jackal – Fairy Tail 235

Fairy Tail 235 see’s Natsu calling war on Tartarus as Laxus vs Tempesta turns out bad for Laxus and the village as many die and Laxus is mortally injured. Seeing as council members are being targeted, we see Fairy Tail decide to go on to protect them from hard, they assist Michello when Jackal appears making it Natsu vs Jackal.

Fairy Tail 235 see’s Laxus vs Tempesta quickly happening. Evergreen tells him that he’s from Tartarus. He removes his top to reveal that he’s not human. Tempesta quickly attacks but Laxus moves on and doesn’t get hit. He kicks him, then uses ones of his smash to smack him into the ground so hard he can’t move.

Seem’s that with these few hits he’s quickly done. Laxus and others decide to bring him back for questioning but he mentions that he’ll have to give up his own life for now as he turns into Anti-Ethernano where it becomes to infect everyone in the area. Laxus decides to engulf all of the clouds around him in an effort to save everyone.

He collapses while Fried still has some life to help others to bring them back to the village. At HQ, we see the medic mention that they’re all in bad shape, especially Laxus as he tried to help all of them. Fried wakes up mentioning that he saved the tow, then asks if everyone in the village is okay. We see the village as council members are wearing suits in order to prevent the clouds from covering them, there are large number of people dead.

Fried asks if everyone is okay at the village, he has to lie and say that they are okay. Natsu walks off mentioning that this is war! At the Tartarus HQ, we see Tempesta’s new body get made from scratch, it seems it’ll take a bit longer than a few days. As Minerva is also being turned into a demon. Franmalth walks in telling Tempesta that regeneration isn’t free.

Fairy Tail name is mentioned when Minerva goes crazy, it seems that they’ll defy them. Natsu at HQ goes crazy as he wants to destroy the members of Tartarus. They first need a plan, Loke shows up mentioning that they need to protect all the former members of the Council, he knows the locations of most of them.

They’re ready, we see some of the members go ahead to say their farewells to Laxus and Evergreen to keep on fighting strong. Makarov tells them to fight to keep their family alive and keep their families safe. At Michello’s place, Natsu and others appears in order to tell him that he’s being targeted. Michello mentions the name “Face”.

Out of nowhere Natsu smells gunpowder and tells everyone to get down, the whole house goes down while Jackal appears telling them that they should be dead. Natsu introduces himself asking if he’s from Tartarus, it seems the battle between Natsu vs Jackal will happen. Fairy Tail 235 ends here.

A pretty good episode and it seems that Natsu vs Jackal will be most awesome, it’ll prove who’s strongest. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 236, titled “Tartarus Arc (Prologue): White Legacy” when we see Natsu and Jackal battling as well as seeing the power Jackal truly has, all the chaos that will occur will truly be something to spectate.

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