Naruto and Sasuke Dead? Madara Sage of Six Paths – Naruto Shippuden 414

Naruto Shippuden 414 see’s the aftermath as Naruto and Sasuke are both near death, Madara stabbed Sasuke while Naruto’s Kurama was robbed away from him. All while Obito tries to fight off Black Zetsu and Madara transforms into his Sage of Six Paths form.

Naruto Shippuden 414 begins as we see a near-dead Sasuke on the ground. Gaara and Sakura are all trying to save Naruto’s life, his chakra cloak disappears. Gaara is told by Kurama to go to Minato to split his Kurama into half and insert it into Naruto to help him live.

Naruto no longer has a beat, thus Sakura has to cut him open, put her hand in and pump his heart by hand, Gaara holds her as they go even quicker. Tobirama wishes to help but cannot as he’s stuck. Karin realises that Sasuke is silent when she has to face White Zetsu and his thousand hands, she quickly approaches and unleashes a similar jutsu just like Kushina.

Zetsu goes on ahead to unleash his attack on Karin, she’s hurt. Orochimaru bites Zetsu as he gets frozen for a little while. Suigetsu uses his water gun to smack him to the ground. Karin uses her own jutsu to help her. Madara leaves Sasuke’s side and summons the Gedo Mazo statue, his form quickly changes into that of the Sage of Six Paths as he gains it’s power.

Sakura tries to breath into Naruto’s lung to help him circulate oxygenated blood, but it won’t last for long. Someone appears next to Sasuke, we don’t see who it is, but it looks like Kabuto’s feet. Karin see’s from afar that it’s someone with great evil around them.

Karin is pissed off as she goes on ahead without aid. Rock Lee, Guy and Tenten notice Gaara going past them. Guy realises that Kakashi and others might need help, thus they decide to go towards that direction to help them out. Obito tries to tell Kakashi to take the eye. Sakura keeps on pumping blood around Naruto.

Madara feels heavy, he spews out the Sage of Six Paths Ninja Tools, Tenten and others keep walking on when the tools fall on them, it could be of use to them in the future. Minato and Kakashi are ready to get the eye when Black Zetsu talks. Kurama tells Minato to try to sense Naruto, he senses that his Kurama has disappeared.

Gaara approaches and tells Minato to give him some of his chakra to bring him back to life. Kakashi and Gaara concentrates on Obito and Black Zetsu. Minato concentrates on Naruto when he remembers his talk with Kushina about Naruto and how he’ll want to become a Hokage and so on because she’s his mother, he tells her that he’ll protect him because his the father.

Minato goes to transfer the chakra however, Black Zetsu shows up out of nowhere and absorbs the chakra. Naruto is surely going to die now as Madara has just shown up at their battlefield. Naruto Shippuden 414 ends here.

A wonderful episode, and awesome that the canon episodes are finally back. On top of which Madara is powerful as ever, can’t wait to see what’ll happen to Naruto and Sasuke. They’re surely in trouble, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 415, titled “The Two Mangekyou”, when Madara interrupts everything and does some serious damage!

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