First Look at Goku Illustration from Dragon Ball Super Manga [Updated]

Dragon Ball Super TV anime will launch this summer after a long 18 year wait, while we wait for this, V-Jump magazine will be introducing a manga tie-in in its August issues, on sale on the 20th of June. Goku fans got a little preview from the magazine  showing the illustration of Goku.

Creator Akira Toriyama is in charge of the story for Dragon Ball Super, while Toyotaro, creator of Dragon Ball Heroes and Resurrection of F, will concentrate on the illustrations. Check out the new manga’s take on Goku below:
Goku Illustration from Dragon Ball Super

Here’s the V-Jump front page for the July issue, announcing a new manga:

V-Jump July Issue Magazine

UPDATE: It’s been noted that the promo used with this announcement is re-using an illustration by Toyotaro’s Resurrection of F adaption. The image dates back to February of this year, specifically (March 2015) issue of V-Jump, this ran for three chapters in April, May and June. Therefore, it’s technically not an image based off the new Dragon Ball Super manga, sorry guys.

Source: CR

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