Laxus vs Tempesta! Nine Demon Gates – Fairy Tail 234

Fairy Tail 234 see’s the death of the current council members in the town Era, whereby a big hit is sprung upon the Magic Council, from which Jackal and Tempesta, of the Nine Demon Gates Tartarus, have been given a mission to kill and destroy all current and past Council Members, I think it’s time Fairy Tail interrupts this. 

Fairy Tail 234 see’s the episode starting out at the Magic Council in Era when as they talk about Zeref, and his guilds, on top of which it’s mentioned that Fairy Tail can be a nuisance at points. As more and more dark guilds are getting wiped out, it could be due to many factors which they don’t know yet.

Out of nowhere, an emergency comes in, however from this there is nothing but white light as everything in that vicinity blows up. Everyone and everything blows up sky high, the building is not even there as the explosion settles. Doranbolt wakes as he looks for anyone that might be alive, it seems that Doranbolt notices Lahar in the explosion but he cannot wake up, he walks on to see if there is anyone alive.

He see’s that every members has been taken out, Sage Org still lives, when a members of the Nine Demon Gate shows up, he lights up his hands and says that he’s going to explode his body. This is Jackal, he tells Doranbolt that he’s going to kill every member of the council.

Back in Fairy Tail, Erza reports in to Makarov, saying that Minerva joined a dark guild. Juvia creates Gray some cookies, he tries them. Levy read ups on END to work out that it’s an even more powerful book of Zeref that is the head of Tartarus itself. Carla explains that Zeref had many books for the number of demons, to which he created them on his own.

Bad news comes in whereby members of the Council are killed, at the exploded council place. Doranbolt goes to Cobra to find out any information that he may have. He mentions that they’re all dead. To which he then threatens to kill him if he doesn’t tell him. He tells them one thing, that they are dangerous, not human and their master bring END.

We see Silver and Kyouka meet up with Franmalth who mentions Jackal and Tempesta are already out fighting. Then Torafuzar, then Ezel who is grilling to fight. Seilah speaks next, then we see Keyes/Keith who is the black archbishop. Seems the battle has already begun.

At the 8 Island Restaurant we see that Yajima is reading up on the news where he finds that his comrades have been killed, he used to be a members. He is currently with members of Laxus’ team, cooking and what not. Yajima is afraid that there could be something very wrong at the moment.

Out of nowhere we see Tempesta, he enters the room and mumbles “rumble” a large storm appears as it tears the whole building apart. He mentions “gust” where it fries and breaks everyone. He introduces himself as a member of Tartarus, he holds onto Yajima when lightning appears, Laxus appears to stop, it seems that Laxus vs Tempesta will happy. Fairy Tail 234 ends here.

A great building up to the upcoming battle between Tempesta and Laxus, can’t wait to see more of what the Tartarus members have in sense of their power. It’s going to be awesome seeing what Fairy Tail brings to the battle. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 235, titled “Tartarus Arc (Prologue): Fairy versus the Underworld!”.

What do you think?

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