Gaara’s Friendship! Getting Promoted – Naruto Shippuden 413

Naruto Shippuden 413 see’s Gaara’s message spreading to everyone from the Chunin exams as well as the village as the man behind the coup understands what Gaara’s talking about, thus stopping his attack. Therefore, the third part of the exams are cancelled after detailed reports are constructed for each participants.

Naruto Shippuden 413 begins as Gaara appears once more to tell everyone to carry on the exams. Gaara appears in front of Fugi, they talk about the future of the Sand village, he begins telling him that they thought he was a monster, but now after he met Naruto and everyone else, he learnt about the future and what friendship can hold.

On top of which his own pupils asked him for guidance and help which gave him the answer to do for the future. He learnt that he needs to put the next generation first in order to help them. We see other his own pupils go to wards the tower having the chance to go on ahead to fight.

Shira is asked to fight by Matsuri, she explains that they were bought thought by Gaara and would like to see the work that they’ve put in. They both accept and go on to battle, Gaara begins explaining why the youth of the village is an important thing, Fugi begins to understand the words which Gaara speaks off, if he has anything to add he can take his head.

Shira wins against Matsuri, to which they both have a happy battle, both have the same scroll so neither can go through. Fugi understands that he’s an old soldier, thus he has to be responsible for everything that he’s done. He kills himself with his own sword.

Later on, we see Gaara appear in front of other leaders where he tells them that there is no need for a third exam, they’ve created detailed reports of everyone to which the Kage’s of each village can go on and decide. Gaara goes on to tell everyone that there will be no third test and that the future of this is friendship.

Not a lot of people understand what he’s saying, however, in the future it’ll be about friendship that leads everything to the future. Shira wears the clothes Rock Lee gave him when he goes on a mission. The hidden rain gives the passed members a S-class mission, to which it means their life, later we see that it’s Ajisai that was killed in the mission.

Fuu is quickly followed by Hidan and Kakuzo, she tries to become their friends but all they’re looking for is her Jinchuuriki, to which she understands and I guess battle her. Tsunade gives everyone a pass to become Chunin, even Tenten and Lee, however, Neji receives a double promotion to Jonin. We see Naruto get ready to return to the village as he camps out with Jiraiya. Naruto Shippuden 413 ends here.

A good chapter, finally we return to the main canon episodes with Naruto and Sasuke at their last breath. Let’s see what happens next in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 414, titled “On the Brink of Death”, it’s going to be a fantastic episode as a Madara is going insane while Naruto and Sasuke are about to die.

There are 2 comments


    It was a good episode, I’m looking forward to see Guy vs Madara.
    However I thought it was a shame that we didn’t see the third exam take place, I would have enjoyed to see a lot of 1 on 1 fights.


    1. Sunite

      Yeah same, I’m guessing that there either wasn’t enough character development or that there was some kind of restriction on time. Great to see canon episodes back, and Guy vs Madara will be epic!! Can’t wait for it.


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