Relocating Soul Palace! Ichigo Battle Ready – Bleach 627

Bleach 627 see’s Yhwach power show its true colour after Ichigo and everyone get ready and arrive at Soul Palace only to realise that Yhwach has relocated and reshaped everything in order to better his own plan. The Captains, Vice Captains and Quincy’s realise and get battle ready after the gate is fully built and ready to pass through.

Bleach 627 begins sees everyone in the box climbing higher and higher as they go towards the Soul Palace. They’re all all battle ready, Yukio goes onto saying that he cannot go and battle. He’s not going to move away from there, they can go crazy without him. Ganju gets in his case telling him that he should fight too as they’re risking their lives.

Yukio mentions that he got roped into coming and doing this, so he doesn’t really have to do all of that. Ganju mentions that if they die, there will be nothing else left. Yukio then mentions if he’s going to really die. Ichigo tells Ganju to stop it, telling Yukio to stay there, this goes for Riruka too.

Riruka is angry when Ichigo tells her that her powers will only make the coming battle even more dangerous, for someone who only cares for cute things and keeping those cute things safe, there is no way she’d keep it after seeing it. Ichigo turns around giving her “the look” telling her that she did it for them didn’t she.

She blushes and mentions that she didn’t do it for him, Ichigo asks for one more favour, this being for her to stay with Yukio and protecting him so they can escape when the time comes. Ganju tells Ichigo that he seems to have grown quite a bit. While this happens, Seireitei is being trashed by Yhwach and his power.

The Seireitei is crumbling, even the Vandenreich streets are crumbling. Their door is right about to open. Shinji complains that even after all of this they’re adding more to their fire. Yoruichi and everyone else are ready, they’re finally there. Urahara also enables the door as he makes the door stable and opens it.

Ichigo opens the door and notices that they’ve ended up in Seireitei, it seems that it hasn’t worked. These are Quincy’s streets. Yoruichi mentions that with the nail, it is impossible for them to do this. However out of nowhere, they see the half broken palace in front of them while Yoruichi mentions that Yhwach has relocated and reshaped everything to what he likes. Bleach 627 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, it seems that both captains and Ichigo are ready to battle it out once more. It’ll be great to see everyone, especially Ichigo battle and see the power which Yhwach has now that he’s absorbed the Soul King. It’ll be intense and that’s why it could be the final and most awesome fight that will happen.

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  1. trinin ninja

    I expected the fullbringers to be left out because they aren’t really battle material. Im glad to see that Ichigo has matured at least a little bit considering he only wants to protects his friends and nothing more. Ichigo is now smart enough to see the point of meaningless arguing and the true strength of others so he knows the fullbringers will only get in the way. Finally the others are ready to infiltrate the soul palace (I was wondering when they were going to be ready…). My guess is that next chapter will reveal that yhwach has set up traps in his new country.


    1. Nick Dunn

      Ya I do enjoy how mature Ichigo has become. Same with Orihime. The only Fullbringers I think can actually fight any Sternritter is Ginjou, Tsukishima, Jackie, Chad, maybe Girriko. Yhwach made his captail city very quickly. He’ll probably make his new country in a short time. After all, he and the other surviving Sternritter from the first blood war created the Wandenreich from the shadows.


    2. Sunite

      Yeah something like that could possibly happen, and it’s nice to see Ichigo finally become a man and not a kid. He’s always been such a nuisance at times, shouting and doing dumb crap lol


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