Sasuke meets Sarada! Naruto’s Protection – Naruto Gaiden 4

Naruto Gaiden 4 see’s Sasuke and Sarada meeting for the first time, however he doesn’t know and assumes that she’s part of Shin’s attack before. While Naruto protects both Chocho and Sarada before getting to the tower, we see Kurama tell Naruto that it’s been a while since he let him use his power.

Naruto Gaiden 4 begins as Shin faces Naruto in battle, Chocho thinks that Naruto could be her father. Naruto mentions that he’s going to make it real quick, there’s a bunch of stuff he’d like to ask him. Shin gives him a face which assumes that he’s not going to back down. Shin enables his Mangekyou Sharingan.

While Naruto begins to be engulfed in flames, Shin launches his weapon behind Naruto, after a few moments, it turns into a large number of spikes which targets Naruto. However Naruto uses Kurama’s abilities to show what he’s got as well as to stop Shin’s attack and protect Sarada and Chocho.

Kurama speaks to Naruto mentioning that it’s about time he let him stretch out and cut loose. Naruto stops all the attacks using the arms  he has, then attacks using one of the available arms, however Shin just jumps away when a small creature like appears, similar to the husk belonging to the Gedo Mazo, Ten Tails.

He disappears using the Dimensional Teleportation Ninjutsu similar to that of Obito. It settles down when Sarada picks up the food box from Boruto. Chocho asks if Naruto is her real dad, Naruto is shocked at this. Naruto mentions that Shin came they’re looking for Sarada, she is shocked and asks why.

Naruto places his palm on top of Sarada’s head telling her not to worry about it. He’ll settle it all out himself. Naruto mentions that he can’t split up away from her, that is why I think it’s time for her to meet her dad, as she has to go with him for protection. Chocho is totally shocked at this, as she mentions that it’s supposed to be her journey.

Sarada doesn’t know who Sasuke is as she’s never met him before, Naruto then mentions that he has a few stories to tell him then. Chocho gets hungry when Sarada gives her the box belonging to Naruto as it contains some food. He remembers the time Sasuke gave him some food.

Sarada asks about her dad and how he’s like. Naruto tells him that he used to be really popular with the ladies, just like him, really good looking, just like him. And his grades were the top, just like his. Naruto then complains that he was a total loner with bad attitude who always talked crap about others and was an absolute smart ass, totally unlike him.

In other words, he was Naruto’s rival, even now, that hasn’t changed. When Naruto saw her back there, he was reminded of when Sasuke and Sakura were back in the day, Sasuke never wore glasses however she looks just like him, especially her eyes. If her eyes became Sharingan, they’d probably be troublesome.

Still, as far as it goes, she’s an spitting image of Sakura, especially when both of you are pissed off. Sarada thinks that whilst she’s with Naruto, she is at totally at ease. While Naruto tells Chocho that she has Karui’s face but her body is of Chouji. They run on to the tower.

Sarada is excited to meet Sasuke, while however Chocho has gotten quite tired from all the running. They’re really close to the tower when Sarada mentions that she’d like to go to the bathroom, she goes towards the tower, as she runs, she cries and is excited at the same time. She begins to transforms as her eyes gain their first comma.

She gets there, when Sasuke quickly notices her and her Uchiha symbol. He gets up, when Sarada is crying and tired, she gets happy when she mentions the word “dad”. Sasuke congratulates on them finding out about the tower, he quickly takes his sword out asking if she’s another one of Shin’s comrades. Naruto Gaiden 4 ends here.

A crazy start to their relationship of Sasuke and Sarada. On top of which Sarada has enabled her Sharingan, so she must be very emotional at this point in time. Can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s Naruto Gaiden 5! I really want Sarada and Sasuke to have a relationship, hopefully Sarada isn’t too scarred from this.

There are 7 comments

  1. Kamille

    based on what we know of sharingan users I think the daughter and father relationship is already broken beyond repair after this. I mean, Sasuke don’t even seem to care about Sakura either, only Naruto sees good in Sasuke for some illogical reason.


    1. Sunite

      Well, as far as Uchiha family members goes, they always grow apart. And I don’t think Sasuke is like that, he does care but never shows it. Instead he does things, he was always planning on coming back to his family. He just hasn’t seen his daughter long enough to make it genuine and know who she is here.


    2. jennyous zhou

      Although true, but don’t forget she also possess blood of Sakura who is really persistence in showing her love especially to Sasuke, I think could have being inherited by Sarada. Thus I think they will get to know each other eventually, he’s just away for so long to recognise what Sarada has become.


  2. Jenna

    I just can not believe she called him “Papa” and he thinks she is one of Shin’s comrades.
    And I don’t know how the hell the Shin person has the sharingan
    It’s either Orochimaru did some creepy experiments, or Itachi had a kid. I’m leaning towards the first one.


    1. Sunite

      Maybe he didn’t quite hear what he said. I too think that Sasuke shouldn’t quite come to judge her so quickly. It could be Orochimaru, but I think he could be up to something else at this point, nothing related to this.


  3. trinin ninja

    I think it is quite obvious that Sasuke is not aware that he even had a daughter. My guess is that someone out there was so obsessed with him, that they ended up using his DNA, or something along those lines, to create a child unnaturally or maybe even artificially.


    1. Sunite

      That is also possible, but I doubt Kishi would go this far, with how the Uchiha family is going, and Shin, it’s possible he was test tubed made. And this could have been the same for Sarada. Its a good theory, but first I’d like to know who the mysterious man is with the Sharingan, could help explain why things are like this.


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