Natsu Dragonize! Victory Shout – Fairy Tail 435

Fairy Tail 435 shows the power and energy Natsu has, after crushing the War God that appeared, he falls down with some of his Dragon Force ability showing as he seems to have changed into half of Dragneel! While everyone celebrates meeting up, it seems that the important characters cheers for this small victory against Avatar.

Fairy Tail 435 begins as Arlock and everyone else is flabbergasted that Natsu was able to defeat them while their team was taken down so easily. Natsu clearly looks pissed off, everyone goes for the run when Gajeel and Lily show up to quickly and swiftly taken down two more members of Avatar.

It seems that everyone is meeting up with everyone else, even Lucy notices Levy who’s there, Natsu approaches and mentions that Gajeel must have a twin brother because he could never make a council man, to which Warrod had told him to try and get in. Gajeel begins to try and take down Natsu, Lucy, Juvia, Happy and even Wendy to jail for doing stupid things.

Out of nowhere, Gajeel speaks of Gray too for doing what he had to, however, Erza appears and shouts at him, for all of this. They think that Gajeel couldn’t get a job as a councilman, however Lily backs him up. On top of which, Erza mentions that they took down Avatar and their plan, to which Gajeel and Lily mention that their help at the Avatar HQ helped them to fight there.

Gray also says that he’s sorry, Juvia forgives him. Jerome gets a good look at Gray’s friends as he gets dragged out of there. Everyone there cheers and shows their victory shout for winning this battle. Sting and Rogue also show up to see the damage Natsu and others had done. Seems like they somewhat expected them to defeat the enemy with just a few number of people.

Frosch quickly gets to where Happy and Carla are, to which Gray notices and goes to say hello. Natsu quickly remembers what had been said by Future Rogue. Gray quickly gives Frosch a massive hug out of joy. Natsu and others are happy there, seems like Frosch might be a Juvia rival. Fairy Tail 435 ends here.

A brilliant chapter, Natsu seems to have destroyed a bad ass enemy and is fine from all of that. However, the next Fairy Tail 436, title “Memoirs” see’s what had happened to Zeref to make him what he is now, and even reveals what Natsu is! Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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