Rage of Bahamut: Genesis gets a Second Season

I’ve not talked about Rage of Bahamut: Genesis before on here, but it’s an anime which I delightfully liked, it consists of a magical world where humans, gods and demons exist in one plane. A Bahamut threatened to destroy the land but humans, gods and demons overcame their differences to fight together and seal it’s power. 

A woman steals the key that sealed the Bahamut, this begins adventure of the odd heroes! The first season is highly recommendable by me, the art, design and story are incredible. I didn’t see a second season coming but it’s definitely a anime which deserves it, hopefully it’ll bring a new story and adventure to enjoy.

The staff of the television anime show mentioned today that the second season of the anime has been green-lit, the anime itself was inspired by the mobile game Rage of Bahamut, the anime is currently watchable on many websites, the Funimation website have first 13 episodes on their website for you to watch.

Source: ANN

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      1. daziigirl

        Yeah, I’ve watched like the first 5 episodes or so, and I really like it, I just didn’t find the time to continue :’D
        But I already heard many good things about this anime and I’m also very inpressed 🙂


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