Unknown Sharingan User! Sarada’s Search – Naruto Gaiden 2

Naruto Gaiden 2 shows Sarada’s determination to search for Sasuke, she even goes as far as to ask Shizune about her birth but finds nothing, then hears that Sasuke is returning to the village and how he’s meeting with Naruto. Sasuke on the other hand battles with an unknown Sharingan user who tries to kill him, we also see that someone is trying to kill Sasuke, they belong to the Akatsuki.

Naruto Gaiden 2 see’s Sasuke noticing that someone is following him, he goes on to fight this man when he quickly realises that the man he fights is someone with a Sharingan, Sasuke is shocked when this man quickly disappears. Sarada notices the image of Sasuke and his comrades from earlier.

Shizune tries to talk to Sarada but cannot tell her anything about her past, even Sarada complains about it all. Chocho and her family members are eating at the restaurant. Sarada arrives and asks to talk to Chocho for a little bit. Mitsuki introduces himself to the other two. The man from earlier arrives at a place where another person, his father, gives him orders.

The man complains that Sasuke murdered Itachi and must be punished. Throughout this point, we see that Sarada thinks of an idea to find Sasuke, when she goes to Naruto’s office, she overhears that Sasuke is coming back with some news, they will meet up soon enough. Next day, Sarada catches up with Naruto and Shikamaru as they await for Sasuke.

A fantastic chapter indeed, we’re getting closer to Sarada and Sasuke finally meeting, on top of which I guess we can guess that Sasuke’s mission consists on finding out who is behind all these attacks, it could be Orochimaru or someone else from the Akatsuki, even Karin, we don’t know. Really can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Gaiden 3, lets see what Sasuke finds and how it relates to Sarada.

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  1. dreager1

    This was better than I expected! I’m glad that Kishimoto is getting back to the Orochimaru subplot since I didn’t like how it concluded in the original manga. Moreover, we’ve got some new villains! I don’t care for Sarada’s plot right now, but I’m definitely looking forward to Naruto and Sasuke getting a tag team match. I hope that the third chapter is nice and long so that it isn’t rushed.

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  2. trinin ninja

    Hey sunite good luck on your exams ?. I just finished mine today so no school for an entire week! Anywho, while it’s possible that Kishimoto could be leading us to assume that sarada is really sakura’s daughter, i hold firm to my belief that karin is the real mother of sarada and that sakura may have either stolen or adopted sasuke’s daughter. I mean look at the facts: no record of sarada’s birth, similarity between sarada and karin, sakura’s anxiety, etc. However, despite these facts it might be a trick by Kishimoto himself to fool us. ?


    1. trinin ninja

      Also, it appears that someone wants to avenge itachi by killing sasuke. But i think that this is going to end with the mystery uchiha siding with sasuke in order to rebuild the uchiha name when he finds out the truth. These are my thoughts so far.


  3. enigmahlm

    I hope this spinoff turns into a full series. I been missing my favorite series and love the approach of the spin off. There is still plenty to explore. Glad the adults still play a role as well.


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